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The Dangers Of Too Much Television On Your Children

Next to the family, television is probably the most important influence on a child’s development in today’s society. According to statistics, American children view 3 to 6 hours of television each day. That surely seems like a lot of TV.

According to various studies, more and more children are overweight because of watching too much television. Before we had all these channels and TV shows to choose from, children would come home from school and go outside to play. Now, they sit in front of the television and watch whatever or they hook up their game cubes and play games. Still sitting on the couch. Don’t let your children become “couch potatoes”.

Television exposes children to adult behaviors that are not necessarily considered normal behavior. Years ago, I worked as a house parent and one of the young ladies in my charge actually thought that adults in a professional setting used profanity on a regular basis. She based her opinion on various movies and shows from TV. When I tried to explain to her that was not the real world, she naturally disbelieved me. As most young people will.

If you watch any of the shows on almost any channel, you will find references to sex, alcohol, and violence. Sometimes these references are more explicit then they need to be. Sex sells, as they say. In the past, most of these types of shows would be shown after a certain hour. Usually, they were on when our younger children went to bed. Now, however, these shows are on during the day and early afternoon when our younger children are home from school, often without adult supervision.

Advertising on TV can be just as dangerous to your children as the programs they are watching. Commercials advertise everything from innocent items such as: toys, food, cars, and clothing. To more adult oriented items such as: ways to improve your sex life, dating services, and x-rated videos. If you were from a country that didn’t have access to the types of shows and commercials we have in the US, you certainly would wonder about our society as a whole. Some commercials are hard to figure out just what they are advertising. I recall a commercial that seemed to be advertising sex and the reality was that they were advertising jeans.

I remember a conversation that several female students in my high school class had regarding a certain daytime talk show. It was one of those shows in which the host purposely tries to get the audience going (in a negative sense). They bring on guest that have issues. Whether it be trying to find out who the father of their child is, outing someone on national television, or pitting parents against their children. My girls thought it would be cool to be on this show, as they would get paid big bucks. It didn’t matter that the whole world and their town would know all about their secrets.

Unfortunately, television has become a babysitter in many households today. When anyone is exposed to certain types of behavior (sexual, violence, etc.) they may develop a tolerance for what they are seeing. Be aware how television affects your children. Monitor their TV time. Only permit them to watch the shows you consider quality shows.

There are many good quality shows still on TV. We still have reruns of old shows that were more family oriented, as well as some newer type family shows. More importantly, get your children away from TV. Have them play outside, board games, or read a good book. We need to stop spending so much time in front of the TV. Why would our children be watching so much TV. I don’t know, do you?

Major Benefits of Airplane Advertising

Airplane advertising has immense benefits for any business. This article will discuss five top benefits of this novel marketing approach for any type of business regardless of the size of business.

1-Cost Effectiveness

When a company set up their budget, their utmost effort is to keep the advertising cost to minimum while getting maximum benefits from it. It is surprising that the people setting up the budget usually overlook the most cost-effective approach for marketing; aerial advertising. This approach is very inexpensive as compared to other modes of advertising. The approximate cost is 50 cents per thousand prospects clearly a lot cheaper than any other advertising method. For a TV commercial you may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars whereas an airplane can present the same ad to a large number of people at a much cheaper cost.

2-High Recall Value

On average each viewer gets over 17 seconds of read time, and as the plane flies again and again the message will be surely delivered to the viewers without problems. The recall value of airplane advertising is many times higher than any other marketing approach. According to surveys nearly ninety percent of the people remember the airplane banner after 30 minutes it had passed. Almost eighty percent remembered what was being advertised and nearly seventy percent could remember at least the half message.

3-A Novel Approach

Airplane advertising is surely a novel and civilized approach. People have the instinct to look at the airplane after hearing its buzzing sound and your aerial banner will convey to them your message in a catchy style. Moreover people regard aerial marketing as a welcome distraction and entertaining. The reason why that this approach is not intrusive like placing flyers in someones home or car, or continuing running commercial throughout your favorite TV show. As a result, people will perceive your message gleefully and with a more positive frame of mind.

4-High Consumers Responses

Surveys have revealed that aerial ads were responsible for 20% more responses to a typical ad campaign. When people see something new they are forced by their instinct to discover more about it. So, when they see your brand on the airplane banner they will may purchase your product the next time they visit a store or at least explore it. The example of The State of Maine Lottery clearly shows the high consumer response. Diverse mediums were used for lotterys ad campaign; including the traditional media and aerial advertising; only 6% of the budget was allocated to airplane marketing. In a survey later on, nearly 70% of the people were asked how they came to know about the launching of this lottery and 18.3% of them said they came to know about the lottery via aerial ads.

5-Simple Approach Suitable For Every Business

The airplane banner does not give much detail about the business but it is simple and precise, conveying the exact message to the consumers. As aerial advertising allows you to hit the specific area or market, it is suitable for business of any nature and any size i.e. you can launch a campaign in a specific market or all the major markets of US.

Whether you are launching a new product, planning to makeover the image of your brand or trying to get the attraction of maximum audience in an inexpensive way; aerial advertising is a great option.

Instant Outdoor Advertising Campaigns Made Easy

An instant outdoor advertising campaign is one of the most cost effective ways to communicate your message to your potential and current clients who live and work in the area. Signs work to remind people you are there, implant thoughts, sharpen an identity and state a brief message. They are the original Geo-targeted advertising!

Many small businesses think outdoor advertising is just for big brands. The think the cost is prohibitive and never even consider it as part of their advertising mix. That is a big mistake.

Dollar for dollar and pound outdoor advertising is is one of the most cost affective methods you could use to target local markets.

Instant advertising campaigns can be set up where your customers live work and play in …well in an instant. The artwork is often included in a monthly fee for leasing a location and it doesn’t have to be a full size billboard costing thousands a month. Prices start as low as $50.00 a month for things like bus benches and usually reflect the traffic flow. Competition for return on investment guarantees this media is priced right because unlike newspaper advertising and other print media there is a limit to the number of locations available.

Street furniture like bus benches and recycling bins can be found in hundreds of cities in Canada and the US displaying advertising to local markets.

Outdoor advertising like this is a great place to start an advertising campaign, drive traffic to a website, build a local brand and remind your customers you are there for them.

Many of the businesses using this method start with one unit and scale up as businesses increases.

Does it work?
Well I manage advertising campaigns in 263 locations for over 100 clients. Most of them stay with me year after year, on average more than 5 years on a single location and some have been on several locations for more than 25 years.

Instant outdoor advertising campaigns are custom made for businesses on the street looking to master local markets. All kinds of businesses.

Our services are custom built for shop owners, doctors, lawyers, dentists, plumbers, real estate agencies, pharmacies, drug stores, dry cleaners, restaurants, garden centers, boutiques, publishers, physical trainers, pool cleaners, grocery stores, bookkeepers, therapists, insurance brokers and anyone else with a business, service or store with walk in traffic.