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Why Aerial Advertising Is So Effective

If you have heard of aerial advertising, the next thing you may have heard was surely its effectiveness and high impact on the viewers mind. The question may arise why is it so effective? Here is the answer for you:

Aerial Advertising A Novel Approach: In this modern age you need something different and catchy to arrest the attention of your audience. People fancy exclusive and novel things, same is the case with advertising. Traditional mediums of marketing are loosing their grip on the audience due to their monotonous and unchanged nature; people will change the TV channel when they see ads, they will skip the papers or magazines page containing ads. But when a plane flies over their head, they will naturally look at it and the banner towed to its tail will attract their attention; conveying your message in an absolutely exclusive manner.

High Recall Value

Surveys have shown that airplane banners have the highest recall value as compared to any other marketing medium. Here are the results of the survey revealing amazing facts about the aerial marketing: 88% of people remembered seeing the airplane banner go by after 30 minutes. 79% could remember the product or service being advertised. 67% retained at least half the message from the ad Airplane Banner Flies Over Crowd with Maximum Possible Consumers The airplane will fly only over the area specified by you. It is necessary to carry out ample research about the most fertile market, so you can hit the area with greatest number of possible consumers and get the maximum responses to your ad campaign. This surely, is not a possibility in the case of traditional advertising mediums.

There is no guarantee that your consumers will be watching the same TV channel when your ad is aired, or your flyers that you placed on the windshield of a vehicle will not end up in the trash without even being read or the reader will not skip the ad page in the paper containing your ad. However when a plane flies over peoples head, it will surely attract their attention and they will read the message on the airplane banner as well. This is why airplane banners bring forth almost 20% of responses to a typical ad. These reasons surely make aerial advertising a standout choice when it comes to effectiveness in an affordable manner.

Most Inexpensive Option for Advertising Some people think that airplane marketing is very expensive, however, they are astonished to know the actual price. The approximate cost is fewer than 50 cents per thousand prospects while surveys have also disclosed that on average each viewer gets over 17 seconds of read time generated by the aerial banner towing airplane. 17 seconds might sound a small span of time but it will surely be enough to read a small & precise message also the plane will fly over the audience head again and again and the message will be imprinted on the screen of their minds.

Precise and To the Point This is the beauty of the aerial billboards. They are simple and comprehensive, yet catchy and exclusive. There will be no frills and exaggerations, but your precise message.

Using Online Classified Advertising

There are different ways to advertise a business. Advertising may be done by making TV commercials, radio ads, posters on billboards and the like. And now that the internet has become widely used, online classified advertising seems to be not just an option, but a better choice. People are online all the time. Most of their waking hours are spent logged on to social networking sites, or chatting with other people, looking at pictures and shopping online. The virtual world has dominated the real world and this fact makes online advertising very effective.

If a person wants to look for Free ad posting sites , he should visit the website of Adlagao. This is a site that is made to be a repository of all almost all possible items for sale and services that are rendered for free. Any business owners and entrepreneurs can post in this website. If their business is selling gadgets, they may enter the site, fill out an online form where they are required to give out certain information about their products and/or services, and the same will be posted on the website.

The items that are posted on this website are classified into different categories and subcategories. This is done so that it will be easier for customers to search for what they are trying to look for. Although, for the quickest search in this site, the best thing to do is to type in a keyword on the search box at the top of the page, and also the location of the store where one wants his purchase to come from.

India is a very big country. It is home to more than a million people. This is why there is also an option at the left part of the page where a customer can search for items based on the city where it can be found. One should note the number that is shown right next such city location. That number corresponds to the items for sale posted in such location. As long as there is a number there other than zero, then it is worth checking out and seeing if any of the items there is interesting and worth purchasing.

This option of online classified advertising should be looked into by entrepreneurs and businessmen that are only starting in the industry. They should explore this option; otherwise, it may take forever before their brands will be known to their prospective market.

How To Leverage Video Commercials For Online Advertising

The goal of commercials is to inform the public about particular products and persuade them to buy these products. Advertising on traditional media is prohibitively expensive, and only large businesses can afford it. TV commercials are still pricey, depending on the time slot (prime time vs. others) and network. Radio commercials are less expensive, but still unaffordable for most businesses. Print ads are cheap if you advertise in local newspapers and niche magazines. However, the downside to print ads is that they do not reach a wide audience.

One of the cheapest ways to spread the word is using the Internet. Besides being cheap, ads on the Internet can reach a wider audience than many newspaper or magazine ads. The biggest advantage of online advertising is that it reaches a highly targeted audience with higher conversion rates than print, television, or radio advertisements.

Until recently, most businesses that advertised online used click ads and inserted banners in relevant web pages but in the last two years, the trend of video ads online has grown many times over. Posting videos online is easy, and in many cases, you are not charged anything for uploading your video. Even posting a video CV online is a method of advertising yourself for the benefit of potential employers.

To be able to leverage the many advantages of online commercials in your favor, you need to understand a few basics.

*Cost – It is a myth that all video ads are expensive to create. Professionals can produce a creative, effective video for as little as $60. Simple ads, with few graphics and a voiceover, can cost as less as $20. For an extra charge, you can script the voiceover yourself and have a logo added to the video. This will make the ad look as if it “belongs” rather than appear like some online commercial.

*Similarity To TV Commercials – These ads are created by people who understand online market dynamics. They are different from TV commercials because they are meant for a highly targeted and impatient audience. If the ad cannot deliver the message in 15 seconds, people will move to another website or webpage.

*Bandwidth Requirements – The commercials will be hosted on an independent site if your website does not have the required bandwidth capacity. If the file is large, or you need more bandwidth, you will be charged extra.

*Production Time – Good internet commercials can be created in 24-48 hours. You can also order a ready ad from websites that sell online advertising capsules. If you want a customized ad, you can place an order for it at the same website.

*Onsite Ad Production – A customer might want the video shot on their premises to showcase their products and services. This might be more expensive. However, it might be a good idea as an informative and will attract a high number of visitors.

Internet videos are the perfect promotional tool for small businesses that do not have a huge advertising budget, yet aim to reach relevant audience through commercials.

Sharon Slams Hayden Anew Over Billboard Ad

Megastar Sharon Cuneta did not mince words on Sunday when she addressed anew an issue involving her controversial Marie France billboard ad. Cuneta noted that it doesnt make sense that Marie France would put up a billboard with her altered photos and risk ruining both their reputations and credibility. She said they are not stupid to do that.

You come out with a billboard like that and then you see this girl on TV shows like The Buzz or Star Power every week, tapos iba yong itsura. Parang ang laki laki ko naman sa Star Power tapos sa billboard sobrang liit ko, sino po bang mag-mumukhang tanga doon, di ba? the megastar said, referring to a singing competition shes currently hosting.

Napakalayo ba ng itsura ko doon sa after picture dito sa nakikita ninyo sa TV?

According to Cuneta, she is picky when it comes to accepting endorsements and that when she endorses a product or service, I have to believe in it. She said she would never deceive the public. She said endorsers are also made to sign something [because] there has to be truth in advertising.

She also pointed out that all her photos were done by noted photographer Raymond Isaac, who is known for his ability and honesty.

Walang dinaya doon. Bakit? Kasi po its a series of billboard na lalabas over the coming several months, yong progress ng weight loss kohanggang you reach the ideal weight para makita na its working and its gradual, she said.

I can assure you, and God is my witness, those pictures are not altered to make me look thinner than I was at that time, she added.

She said she is not surprised that her detractors are making up these controversies. Lets just say, puwedeng competitor, puwede din na isang tao with an ax to grindMahirap magsalita kasi ayokong pumatol sa isang hindi kapatol patol.

Sharon vs Hayden

Cuneta recently lambasted former celebrity doctor Hayden Kho after he allegedly took a swipe at her billboard on Twitter. Kho is the boyfriend of Dr. Vicki Belo, owner of the Belo Medical Clinic. The target of her fury was this statement made by Kho last January 28: Theres a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess.

The megastar believes that Kho was referring to her controversial Marie France billboard. Kho has already made a denial that he was referring to Cunetas billboard. Kho said Cunetas statement was quite a wounding tirade from someone I respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic.

Despite the denial, Kho is not yet off the hook as far as the megastar is concerned.

On Sunday, Cuneta said she got a piece of information saying that Kho, the central figure in the 2009 sex video scandal, was referring to the billboard of Joel Cruz of Aficionado Perfumes that came out in July 2010. She wondered though why it took Kho 7 months to react to Cruzs billboard.

She also noted Khos timing. She said he made that post when rumors about plans to remove her billboard along EDSA began to circulate. Cuneta also countered, I dont understand. Whats ironic is that he respects me and that I have to treat him like this? I dont treat people in a bad way unlessI know how to protect myself. There are times na kailangang tahimik ka lang pero there are times na you have to stand and fight for yourself.

During the interview, she also brought up the 2009 sex video scandal. Her daughter, KC Concepcion, was dragged into the scandal.

If he respects me so much, bakit nadamay ang anak ko? Cuneta said. I think that time lagi niyang tinetext ang anak ko. I never said anything kasi alam ko ang totooalthough nakakainis ma-associate sa ganoong issue ang isang bata na alam mong pinalaki mo ng ubod ng disente.

She also noted that it was so convenient for Kho not to name the billboard he was referring to, so that later on he could easily issue a denial when confronted.

Nonetheless, she thanked all her detractors because people are now talking about her billboard because of them. Effective na effective ang endorsement. Parang nataranta kayong lahat ng bonggang-bonga.

Job Profile For Advertising Jobs

Advertising is one sector with upfront creativity and spontaneity, it fluctuates, changes, varies from time and to time, and is counted as the selling cost of a commodity.

Well thats in economics, but as the jobs include advertising sales reps, copywriters, advertising sales director, entry level jobs, advertising manager, executive, supervisor, publishing, account executive, assistant, analyst, content-writing, consultant, operations, and retail executive jobs, advertising job profile adhere to certain requisites.

You obviously wouldnt get an executive post right after you graduate from an advertising school, but you can start at the base level then work your way up to different levels.

The work

Advertising work requires a lot of tolerance, and smartness on your part, as you would subject to working spontaneously, and be quick and immediate in briefing and planning. If you are an advertising sales rep then your work would be based on establishing a good clientele, and cracking the deal outright. Remember, the selling cost?

This is what your client is undertaking, and you have to convince him for more, and better, thats exactly from where you have to rope in bigger possibilities serving as the intermediary between the customer and client.

Technical know-how about sales figures, sales accomplishments, target sectors, and follow-up is crucial. If you look into the job of an advertising sales director, or an advertising director, the focus of that post would be supervisory, and creating and placing ads would be the prime concern.

Levels of work

Whether you have specialized in sales or in graphics or in publishing or in media, an advertising job requires overall functioning of the position. It means you have to work your way through from making telephone calls, and e-mailing clients, to making plans and sales charts and account figures, drafts and contracts.

Mainly, advertising account executives focus on accounts, consultants provide strategies, publishers enthrall upon print media, and sales reps work on marketing and sales process, and a director plans and places, and looks after the overall process.

The job can also be conducted on-site, with web portals etc, and there an ad sales rep works to get clients, take up slots and ad spaces on the internet. Not only this, but in this job you have to be ready for additional responsibilities like coordinating staff, making various reports, and checking status of campaign constantly.

Opportunities youll have

Working in an advertising agency would be beneficial as you can earn lucrative salaries depending upon your post, size and demography of your agency. Advertising employment is mainly based in media, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, web portals, on-site work, and TV or radio stations.

You need to have a Bachelors degree in advertising or journalism and minimum experience and for directorial posts, min. 5years of field experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) advertising jobs promise an increment, in various sectors, so you can vouch for it.

Advertising employment opportunities come to you if you are ready to work upfront always, be available 24×7, and are innovative.

Benefits of Internet Advertising

When trying to build a business, advertising is one of the most effective ways to bring in customers and increase sales. While many businesses rely on traditional methods of marketing such as television and radio ads, others are starting to realize the benefit of investing in Internet advertising. Online advertising provides a number of benefits that businesses cannot realize with other forms of marketing.

Low Barriers to Entry

One of the biggest advantages of this form of marketing is that it does not require a large initial investment. While buying a spot on TV may cost thousands of dollars right away, online marketing campaigns can be started for only a few dollars. For example, a business could set up a Google Adwords account and spend as little as $5 per day on ads. This makes it possible for any business, regardless of size, to get involved.

Highly Targeted

Another advantage of online marketing is that it can be highly targeted. For example, with a pay-per-click campaign, marketers only have to pay when someone clicks on an ad. If a visitor takes an action such as clicking on an advertisement, he is most likely interested in what the seller has to offer. By comparison, with mass marketing such as a radio ad, the ad is sent out and reaches many people that may not be interested in the product being offered.


Internet advertising is also highly flexible for the average marketer. If something isn’t working, it can be changed right away. Many advertising programs like Google Adwords make it possible for marketers to login to their accounts and suspend a campaign or tweak it. This allows users to change their campaigns as needed.

Results Can Be Tracked

One of the biggest benefits of using online advertising is that it can be tracked. Marketing efforts can be tracked because it’s easy to see when an ad is clicked on. From that point, the company can determine how many visitors made a purchase compared to how many clicked on the ad. This helps the company determine if its marketing efforts are working or if something needs to be changed. Some companies pay performance incentives in order to secure the best ads and marketing campaigns online. When a company invests money in ads, they need to be able to see exactly what they are getting out of this form of advertising. Otherwise, they can’t be sure if they’re throwing their money away or if they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

Marketing Strategy In Russia – Market Research, Public Relations, Advertising Media In Russia

Developing a Perfect Marketing Strategy in Russia

Effective marketing and advertising starts with developing a perfect marketing strategy as it helps you in achieving your business goals. A marketing strategy includes below given steps which you need to follow to earn maximum return out of your investment:-

Market Research

If you are planning to launch your products in Russian market, it becomes necessary to do thorough market research. Marketing research in Russia is very important as the decisions like which advertising media to choose, in which area of Russia, the products should be distributed etc., can be taken easily with the help of results achieved out of market research in Russia. Various market information like size, growth, social trends, demographics etc., can be achieved through market research. If you have complete information about the market, you will be able to implement effective advertising strategy for your products.

Public Relations

If you are newly launching your company in Russia, then it becomes necessary that there should be a very good reputation of your company amongst the consumers in Russia so that you can sell your products or services easily. An advertising agency in Russia offering PR services in Russia works towards developing a positive image about your company in Russia which gives great results in terms of sales and profits.

Advertising Media

Choosing a right advertising media is also important to develop a perfect marketing strategy. Whether you want to go for online advertising in Russian websites or opt for outdoor advertising and indoor advertising in Russia, depends on the type of product or service you are trying to sell. You can also opt for advertising in public transport in Russia to get more attention. Advertising on television in Russia would be great as so many people watch TV and may come across your advertisement which may convert them into your customers. There are many people who hear radio all the time, so if you advertise your products on Radio, you may get attention of those people.
If you need to market your products successfully in Russian market just visit , which is the website of Russian Marketing and Advertisement Association, tied up with many advertising agencies in Russia who can suggest you the most effective and perfect marketing strategy to market your products in Russia.

Subway Advertising

When you have a product or service that you want to talk about, advertising becomes the strongest tool. It will help you promote your business, attract more customers, improve sales, and increase your revenue. And one of the different types or mediums of advertising is subway advertising. Subway advertising is a very strong medium since it is not confined to one location, or one kind of audience. The traditional form of subway advertisements are print ads within the stations, banner posters inside trains, and advertisements covering the outside of the trains. But with the advances of our technology, new types of subway advertisements have emerged.

With these new types of Subway Advertising, there is innovative technology that uses images in lit panels. There are also subway advertisements that use 500 to 1,000 feet of grimy underground subway tunnels to create advertising and marketing space. Riders will be caught off guard and end up seeing a full- motion ad for 15 to 30 seconds.

But why does this form of Advertising and Marketing work? Well, basically because it is able to cut through all the clutter and distractions of other mediums. Also today, so many people are ignoring traditional advertisements. So with this new form of out-of-home advertising, advertisers will be able to create ads that are surprising and practically irresistible to ignore. This type of advertising also does not hinder from the beauty if outdoor landscapes unlike billboards. So advertisers can be rest assured that no problems or controversies will arise such as those with billboard advertising.

Also, those who were able to see the subway advertising asked questions and complimented the brand for the cool new advertisements. They even wanted to see more. And the very positive responses from the target consumers mean big ad revenues for the brand. More than 80 percent of the consumers were able to remember the advertised product in subways and only 20 percent can recall TV ads. This shows how effective this medium of advertising can be in terms of achieving your advertising and marketing goals and objectives.

The greatest benefit of subway advertising is that it has the ability to monopolize the time and attention of the passers-by. Since there is little else to distract and there are no other stimulus that are fighting for the potential consumers attention, it becomes much easier to get complete control over the individual, which makes it possible to have a greater impact. The many uses, possibilities and opportunities of this medium makes subway advertising a much sought after medium.

For more Effective Advertising through subways, contact the Best Advertising Agency in your area who could offer you the services and resources that you need. Advertising is an essential part of a businesss success. In order for it to work, you would have to do it the right way. And for that to happen, you would need help. And thats what advertising agencies are for. So dont hesitate to call them because you need their knowledge and expertise to make your advertisements a success.

Advantages Of Free Ads Websites

Advertising by the instrumentality of free classifieds is really on top these times. You can promote your business on thousands of free classified ads websites. And by the way, one good site that youd like to take into account is Adsfarm.co.uk which offers a great posting service for the UK.

By submitting free classifieds you can sell your own stuff such as your car, guitar, computer etc. or advertise your business. Free ads also offer the possibility to people to buy the desirable things. Purchasing online is a real pleasure for the interested ones- so easy and effective! Thats why free classified ads are considered to be a grand source of big sales.

There are several advantages of posting free classified ads:

Firstly, is totally free of cost. So, you dont have to pay anymore those high charges for advertising on newspapers, TV etc. This refers to huge money savings.

Secondly, you can find your targeted customers from your area using free local classifieds. Adsfarm.co.uk the above mentioned site provides search in England including ads for its largest cities like Bristol, Cornwall, London, Manchester and many more. Here you can also find free classified ads for Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland/Eire and other countries. So, it also saves time for your marketing research.

If you have a website about your UK business, then you can attract traffic to it availing free classified ads UK. Many free ads UK sites, including Adsfarm.co.uk, allow you adding your business link to the advertising. Websites devoted to free advertising have plenty of visitors daily which mean that you can sell a lot of the advertised things while getting direct traffic to your site. So, you also save money on your business website promotion.

Free ads help the seeker find the wanted product or service in his the local area. You can find flats to rent, jobs, men and women clothes, businesses for sale, travel tickets, electronics, pets and everything else you need.

Posting takes 1 or 2 minutes which makes it very quick and convenient. You can place ads according to the type of your business and your local area. Therefore in no time your advertising becomes visible for all the website visitors. There are no limits to advertise.

Posting free ads UK has incontestably a beneficial impact on your UK business. Free classifieds serve also as an informational and search support for people that want to buy some good stuff.

The Importance Of Market Research In Advertising

Market research should forecast the impact of an eventual advertising campaign. It is a preliminary strategy providing various indicators regarding the most efficient way to approach the advertising process and to consider selling and developing strategies within private or public companies. Regardless of the quality and creativity standards in advertising, a TV commercial or an online campaign cannot be truly efficient if the audience has no interest in the advertised product or service. Market research values a wide spectrum of indicators which gradually narrow a targeted audience. The process has its starting point in generalized information such as demographic information and can identify and interpret even financial data for a particular category of prospective consumers.

Market research is definitely a laborious process because it involves complex procedures such as collecting information, analysis, and interpretation. However, an adequate completion of the entire path results in valid and effective information, which enables advertisers and managers to reduce the failure risks and to prioritize lucratively the major assets of a business in a particular context.

Market research comprises 2 fundamental components, primary and secondary research. Primary research is considered a very dynamic process because marketers are required to collect information, which should later lead professionals to identify consumers’ behavior and profile. Secondary research interprets data that has already been gathered such as statistics on demographic indicators or authorities financial reports. We can easily notice that primary research focuses on prediction, whereas, secondary research focuses on interpretation.

Depending on the outcomes of market research, advertisers will be able to create proficient advertising concepts and to develop them in outstanding ad campaigns.