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Valuable Tips For Choosing Advertising Media

Your advertising media are the communication vehicles you use to convey your marketing messages. That’s why, in addition to selecting ones that reach your targeted audience, you’ll want to make sure they provide you with the best possible results for the least amount of time and money.

In this article, I’ll go over the most commonly used direct response advertising vehicles/types for small to medium-sized businesses, such as:

Direct Mail
Magazine and Classified Ads
TV and Radio
Internet Ads
Outdoor Media Billboards, Transit Signs
Press Releases and PR
Yellow Pages

and more

Obviously, the trick is to match your message to your market using a suitable vehicle. For instance, it makes no sense to advertise your retirement community using a fast-paced, loud, radio spot on a hip-hop station no matter what the salesperson says! So before you buy, make sure you’ve correctly identified your target prospects; created messages that motivate them and selected the appropriate advertising.

Here are some general tips for choosing your advertising medium.

1. Unless your target audience is broad, it’s best to choose 2-3 primary advertising vehicles ones that you can afford to dominate. Never, ever rely solely on one form of communicating with the public this is simply too risky. Rather, choose media that complement each other and ensure that your prospects hear about you in multiple forms.

2. Choose methods according to cost, targeting and response Any campaign can be broken down into costs per thousand, and if you’re using direct response advertising (which you should) benchmark your success using costs per sale. Your expenses include cost of design (also known as creative), production (producing or printing your ad), and placement (radio, advertisement, list purchase and postage).

As a general rule, the more targeted the medium, the higher the cost. In return, however, you should expect a higher response rate, so the cost per response can be lower than cheaper methods.

Choose advertising and publicity methods that are suitable for your target audience. Companies that sell advertising can provide you with a lot of helpful information about their audience. Also, it’s a good idea to look at other types of businesses that continually use various media. Then make sure they’re targeting the same audience as you. Bottom line: avoid guesswork, by testing before committing to major purchases.

3. Make sure you know your total marketing budget less what’s already spent or “promised”. This assumes that you’ve already developed this and that it’s based on:

Industry norms
Needed profit margins
Available cash
Opportunity costs
Company’s risk tolerance
Average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – the value of a customer over their time with business with a company. Simply put:

CLV = Revenues Received Cost to Get and Keep

4. Find out what your competitors are spending on media in the same markets. For example, if you decide to run a radio ad in the Chicago market twice a day, on two stations for two weeks and a competitor is running a similar ad in the same market but running it 15 times a day, on 15 stations for 15 weeks you’d be foolish to waste your money by trying to compete no one is going to notice your spot. This is another reason it’s so important to use reputable advertising agency to buy this type of advertising (goes for TV as well).

5. Even though your budget will significantly dictate your medium selection, you must also be aware and sensitive to your own sales cycles. For instance, if you’re the owner of an air-conditioning equipment company you understand that consumers don’t purchase a unit every year. Therefore, your communication has to be consistent and ongoing so you’re “top of mind” when they’re ready to buy. Also, you should develop another communication, particularly in the heat of summer, for folks who have a “burning” (no pun intended) desire to buy now.

Moreover, if you’re a jeweler you may want to beef up on your advertising right before Mother’s Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day and do little, or nothing, in August.

6. Track and measure your results Advertising is an intricate science. Therefore, the best way to be sure that something is, or is not, working is to measure it using predetermined indicators. Gauge the effectiveness of your advertising from the beginning by keeping detailed records on what you did; when; to whom; for how much; and what happened.

Admittedly, the results of certain advertising are difficult to gauge. However, if you don’t measure and record your results you may be wasting money and missing the opportunity to make your decisions much easier the next time around. Key indicators to be assessed are cost per thousand, cost per response and percentage response.

Remember also that advertising forms a part of your business plan which is aimed at being profitable. If your advertising does not produce an incremental gross profit (more than costs directly associated with the medium) you need to know why.

7. Understand and adhere to laws Before choosing your advertising methods, make sure that you are aware of all local, county, state, and federal laws about data protection, consumer rights, customer privacy and opt-out regulations. This is especially important if you are involved in maintaining and using mailing lists (e-mail and otherwise), personal customer data, telemarketing, direct mail, fax-marketing and e-mailing.

Hope these tips will serve you well. Happy Marketing!

Advertising Agency In Ahmedabad

Advertising agencies in Ahmedabad offer many diverse services to its customers. Print advertisements mostly occur in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets etc. For small business owners advertising in the dailies remains more in demand according to agents in Ahmedabad. An advertising agent understands the product and its target customer and then come up with a campaign for the same. Small manufacturers understand todays competitive market and small attention span of the consumer. The advertisement creates recall value for the end consumer. The advertising agency in Ahmedabad may suggest media advertising too for small manufacturers. Advertising in local TV channels, or local cable operators, is not ruled-out by advertising agencies.

Ahmedabad currently has seven or more FM radio stations. Advertising agents take full advantage of this and suggest advertising on radio especially to local businesses. Media advertising today has a broad reach. Advertising agents believe, if you want to grab more eyeballs, one should not leave any stone unturned. Ahmedabad has no dearth of such opportunities. Audio advertisement in cinema halls of Ahmedabad is another great opportunity explored by local business houses on recommendations of advertising agents.

Advertising agencies in Ahmedabad not only understand the market, they also design the whole concept of the product and push the product through marketing it right. There are many examples of small business turning into a brand in itself in Ahmedabad. A quality product needs a right thrust to launch itself in already crowded market.

Local business houses and small manufacturers also require lot of visibility in and around Ahmedabad to create awareness for their products. For such purposes advertising agency choose outdoor publicity tools for the same. Hoardings, banners, visibility on Bus stands, even on buses, Neon signs are few examples used by advertising agency in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad being the pioneer in many business activity is not behind even in the advertisement world. You will find huge LED screens placed in strategic locations in Ahmedabad to give wide visibility to the products. Advertising agency never fail to use LED screens as it provides visibility to numbers of people, who are confined in their cars, buses or bikes etc. Ahmedabad has seen innovation in budgeted advertisements too. Advertising agents make cyclists or pedal rickshaws carry banners, choose heavy traffic zones to move in Ahmedabad to show off the products. These economical and creative advertisements are very popular in Ahmedabad with small businesses.

Ahmedabad hosts many cultural programs and Art shows, Carnivals, sports events etc. Advertising agencies in Ahmdeabad prepare special campaigns for businesses during such events. They take help of flex banners, POP material, combo offers, coupons etc raise awareness of the products.

Citizens of Ahmedabad celebrate festivals with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Advertising agencies sees them as a perfect opportunity for showcasing their clients products. For example during Navratri festival advertising agencies use collective tools of advertising like print, radio, banners, etc for that particular time period. Thus, creating huge recall value for the brand.

Today the reach of internet cannot be ignored. Moreover, people using android phones and tablets are constantly in touch with internet services. Advertising agencies has discovered the profitable use of internet too to reach wider market. As they say Out of sight, out of mind.. advertiser sees to it that never happens.

The Dangers Of Too Much Television On Your Children

Next to the family, television is probably the most important influence on a child’s development in today’s society. According to statistics, American children view 3 to 6 hours of television each day. That surely seems like a lot of TV.

According to various studies, more and more children are overweight because of watching too much television. Before we had all these channels and TV shows to choose from, children would come home from school and go outside to play. Now, they sit in front of the television and watch whatever or they hook up their game cubes and play games. Still sitting on the couch. Don’t let your children become “couch potatoes”.

Television exposes children to adult behaviors that are not necessarily considered normal behavior. Years ago, I worked as a house parent and one of the young ladies in my charge actually thought that adults in a professional setting used profanity on a regular basis. She based her opinion on various movies and shows from TV. When I tried to explain to her that was not the real world, she naturally disbelieved me. As most young people will.

If you watch any of the shows on almost any channel, you will find references to sex, alcohol, and violence. Sometimes these references are more explicit then they need to be. Sex sells, as they say. In the past, most of these types of shows would be shown after a certain hour. Usually, they were on when our younger children went to bed. Now, however, these shows are on during the day and early afternoon when our younger children are home from school, often without adult supervision.

Advertising on TV can be just as dangerous to your children as the programs they are watching. Commercials advertise everything from innocent items such as: toys, food, cars, and clothing. To more adult oriented items such as: ways to improve your sex life, dating services, and x-rated videos. If you were from a country that didn’t have access to the types of shows and commercials we have in the US, you certainly would wonder about our society as a whole. Some commercials are hard to figure out just what they are advertising. I recall a commercial that seemed to be advertising sex and the reality was that they were advertising jeans.

I remember a conversation that several female students in my high school class had regarding a certain daytime talk show. It was one of those shows in which the host purposely tries to get the audience going (in a negative sense). They bring on guest that have issues. Whether it be trying to find out who the father of their child is, outing someone on national television, or pitting parents against their children. My girls thought it would be cool to be on this show, as they would get paid big bucks. It didn’t matter that the whole world and their town would know all about their secrets.

Unfortunately, television has become a babysitter in many households today. When anyone is exposed to certain types of behavior (sexual, violence, etc.) they may develop a tolerance for what they are seeing. Be aware how television affects your children. Monitor their TV time. Only permit them to watch the shows you consider quality shows.

There are many good quality shows still on TV. We still have reruns of old shows that were more family oriented, as well as some newer type family shows. More importantly, get your children away from TV. Have them play outside, board games, or read a good book. We need to stop spending so much time in front of the TV. Why would our children be watching so much TV. I don’t know, do you?

Of The Most Watched Influential Commercials

As everybody would already be familiar with, TV commercials or advertisements are short programs that are paid for by different organizations to convey different messages and despised by TV viewers for wasting their time. Naturally, it is important for TV commercials to be catchy, for its message to stick to the viewers minds, and for it to be considered influential. This is one of the famous mediums to make a product known that is considered inside the big thee (Tri-Media TV, print and radio) Here are a few aired TV commercials that could be considered influential or effective:

1. Macbook Air

This TV commercial, although simple, really emphasized the best feature of the product they are advertising. In this case, the thinness and lightness of Macbook Air. Anyone who is not familiar with this product, and who would see this commercial for the first time would probably be interested just by seeing it on TV. Also, the Apple brand skyrocketed from the 1984 superbowl 1 minute – multimillion dollar commercial that aired only once. Watch the video below: (Read the book buzzmarketing and see why this is the most influential advertisement of all time!)

2. Pepsi Commercial (Maximum Taste No Sugar)

The Pepsi TV commercial is different, and therefore interesting. The whole thing does not really say anything about the product. It is some kind of underground – no branding at first and It just shows people acting crazy all throughout. But interesting because it makes people curious about the product, hence you would no that no branding but delivering a message is effective.

3. Honda Ad

Watching this TV commercial for the first few minutes, one would probably not instantly know that the product being advertised is a Honda Accord. But after watching the whole thing, one of the first things one would probably say is that the commercial is really different and innovative. It is definitely a different way of showing off the features of the product.

There are tons (literally) of other ads that can be seen whether on prime time or the internet. It actually doesnt matter if your product is a brake fluid, shampoo or an adult toy. What is important is to make a connection to the viewer for it to stick to peoples minds. And with the list above, it is pretty clear that there are many ways to be able to achieve it. One could either center on the best product feature, to be innovative in presenting the product, to simply just do crazy things, to make viewers curious, or even add some kind of catchy music. Either way, whats important is to make people remember it for brand recognition, and in the end, buy or via word of mouth, spread the product.

Television Advertising Genius From Direct Tv

The marketing team at Direct TV is made up of some really creative people. If you havent already seen the new Cable Corporation television commercials from Direct TV you can view them by visiting the satellite TV providers website.

Direct TV is the nations leading provider of high-definition channels bringing subscribers a total of 95 HD channels and over 260 channels all together. Dish Network, their leading satellite TV competitor, lags behind with just over 70 high-def channels. Cable companies bring approximately 50 HD channels to customers.

These delightful commercials focus on the high-def market and a make believe cable company. Each commercial joins the fictitious cable company boardroom for Cable Corp Inc. Christopher Guest, Jonathan Michael Higgins, and Ed Begley Jr. star in the Direct TV commercials. The tag line is You deserve better than cable.

In one commercial Roman the VP, played by Jonathan Michael Higgins, suggests that the Cable Corp Inc. advertise that they have a thousand HD channels in order to the subscriber base moving to Direct TV HD. In another commercial they board targets the Direct TV Sports HD market. Roman turns on some music and suggests bikini installers between 10 and 2 while three girls in red bikinis dance in the boardroom. The board of directors look mortified at the thought. These commercials all end in You deserve better than cable.

The geniuses behind these entertaining commercials did a fabulous job of showing the desperation of the cable company now that Direct TV has been taking their customers away. Statistics have shown that more cable subscribers are moving over to the satellite TV leader. From September of 2006 to September of 2007 the top ten cable TV companies combined did not have more subscribers than Direct TV.

Many people across the country have been remarking on their incredible customer service experiences with Direct TV. This is a marketing point in a few of the new Direct TV commercials. The commercials showcase the American Customer Satisfaction Index done by the University of Michigan Business School that reports their customer satisfaction rating has been higher than cable for seven years.

Another fine point of the commercials is the number of sports programming in high-def. Sports programming is a huge selling point for satellite television. Many sports fans across the country are enjoying their favorite sports team by selecting these sports subscriptions allowing them to see virtually every game regardless of where in the country they reside.

Direct TV and Dish Network both carry sports subscriptions including MLB Extra Innings, NHL Center Ice, MLS Direct Kick and NBA League Pass. Only Direct TV carries NFL and NASCAR content. They are the exclusive providers bringing the NFL Sunday Ticket and NASCAR HotPass to their sports offerings. In addition they offer rugby, college basketball including March Madness, golf, and cricket.

The satellite leader not only has the biggest lineup of sports subscriptions but they are the leading provider of sports programming in high-def. HD junkies are turning their noses up at standard definition. The adrenaline pumps more furiously when they are watching a game in stunning high-definition. Each drop of sweat, blade of grass, and more are seen in tremendous clarity giving the illusion of being on the field with all their sports heroes.

Although the product, customer service, and offerings speak for themselves these commercials make a lasting impression on viewers as they discuss the highlights around the water cooler.

A Career In Advertising

If random ideas and lateral thinking are your strong points, a career in advertising could be your forte. The field of advertising requires skill, creativity, out of the box thinking and the eagerness to do something different. There are many aspects of a job in advertising and in this write-up; we look to cover a few. There are various sub-streams in advertising and depending on what your qualification or skills are, you can pick one. In todays competitive world, the demand for a career in advertising is growing by the day. Companies across sectors and even individuals require advertising to promote their products, services and themselves.
Advertising is a sub-set of marketing; however, it is different from marketing in some ways. Advertising encompasses communication with the prospective consumers in a way that they become convinced about it and are eager to consume it. This is the basic aspect but what makes advertising so interesting is the way in which this communication is done. An advertising job requires and allows for creative ideas to the maximum. There are no donts. As long as the idea can strike a chord with the consumer, it will be a hit. In fact, most people who have had successful careers in advertising have been associated with unique, creative, one of its kind advertising campaigns. The idea may look weird prima facie but it may work wonders for the brand. Building brand perception is also important in advertising so the standard of advertising can make or mar any brand.
In India, in the recent times, advertising jobs have become quite popular. Young blood with young energy that is oozing with a desire to do something different is thronging the world of advertising today. Not just in India, but there are many career options in advertising globally too. If you think you have the knack to be able to communicate an idea in a way that can convince the consumer, you can safely look at advertising as a career option.

As aforementioned, there are various areas of work in the field of advertising. These are client servicing, creative department, media department, production, television and film, photography, market research, exhibition and event management & promotion and direct marketing. All these departments hold different responsibilities covering all aspects of a career in advertising. A successful professional in advertising would generally have gained some experience in all the departments at some time or the other even if he/she specializes in just one or two. It is important to have an overall exposure and get a correct understanding of the field that you are in.

When you decide to join an advertising job, the first thing that you would have to make your peace with is rejections. For any hit idea that goes on to become a success story, there are many rejected and failed ideas that never even see the light of the day. So, you have to understand that not everything that you think or come up with will be accepted by your seniors. So, dont be disheartened. In the beginning you may have to face many rejections, so just wear thick skin and dont let this thing bog you down from coming up with some other rocking idea.

Also, sometimes random, unexpected and last-minute changes are done on the basis of the requirements of the client or some research. Clients who pay the agencies for designing campaigns have very specific briefs and it is according to those briefs only that one has to work and make iterations in the work. So, it is not uncommon or unusual for small or even big advertising agencies to make multiple changes in their campaigns and ads before the final approval. Everyone has to be open to it.

An advertising job is not a typical 9-5 job. In advertising, there are bound to be late sittings and non-regular work hours. Be prepared for it. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind making an ad that one sees on TV or in a newspaper. So, if you are the type who wants a regular kind of life with enough free time to spend and everything planned beforehand, the world of advertising is not for you.

Advertising looks like a very glamorous world from outside and people have this myth that there is a lot of money in it right from the beginning but that is not true. An advertising job can be low-paying and very taxing in the beginning years. However, you dont have to rely on linear promotions to make it big here. It is purely dependent on your skill and creativity and how you want to take your career forward. An advertising job allows growth and freedom like no other job.

Persistent Advertising During Trying Times

Why advertise anyway?

The economy is down and people are desperately trying to hold on to money they have. People do not purchase the way they used to. They spend only on those that are necessary. They would not want to have nothing tomorrow by enjoying things for today.

Companies as well are more mindful of their expenses. Businesses are cutting back on costs, one of which is advertising.

We are definitely at the worst of times economically. So why advertise?

Because you very well cannot stop marketing your products and services.

Because by stopping to advertise, you lose sales and people will not recognize who you are and what you can do. By not advertising, you actually lose money because people will assume that things are not going well with you too. You lose the connection and your target clients will think that you cut back on advertising because you do not have what it takes to remain strong in the business.

You need to continue to market if you want to grow your business especially during these rough times. You need to continue advertising, whether it is radio or TV ads or poster printing, if not more so because you cannot afford to not gain any sales at all. You have to continue to promote if you want people to know about your business and the benefits you have to offer.

You need to market so people would know you.

The present economy should not be the reason for you to stop marketing your business. In fact, it should be the force to drive you to convince your target clients that your products and services are valuable despite the current economic crunch. Many companies struggle to stay afloat that is why they cut back on advertising. But you need for people to know about you. You need to go out there and tell your message to your target market.

Your popularity will never be diminished if you continue to advertise.

You will never lose your leverage and position in your niche if you have the sense to consistently market the benefits you have. It is thus a wise decision to spend your budget now on advertising than be bankrupt a few years from now just because you do not want to invest on a promotional campaign that would decrease your budget.

A good businessman knows that you need to invest in order for your business to flourish.

So spend money on advertising. Do not miss out on generating as many leads as you can get just because you are afraid to lose a few dollars on marketing. You can gain and retain more customers and clients if you continue to advertise even when the economy is down.

Major Benefits of Airplane Advertising

Airplane advertising has immense benefits for any business. This article will discuss five top benefits of this novel marketing approach for any type of business regardless of the size of business.

1-Cost Effectiveness

When a company set up their budget, their utmost effort is to keep the advertising cost to minimum while getting maximum benefits from it. It is surprising that the people setting up the budget usually overlook the most cost-effective approach for marketing; aerial advertising. This approach is very inexpensive as compared to other modes of advertising. The approximate cost is 50 cents per thousand prospects clearly a lot cheaper than any other advertising method. For a TV commercial you may have to pay tens of thousands of dollars whereas an airplane can present the same ad to a large number of people at a much cheaper cost.

2-High Recall Value

On average each viewer gets over 17 seconds of read time, and as the plane flies again and again the message will be surely delivered to the viewers without problems. The recall value of airplane advertising is many times higher than any other marketing approach. According to surveys nearly ninety percent of the people remember the airplane banner after 30 minutes it had passed. Almost eighty percent remembered what was being advertised and nearly seventy percent could remember at least the half message.

3-A Novel Approach

Airplane advertising is surely a novel and civilized approach. People have the instinct to look at the airplane after hearing its buzzing sound and your aerial banner will convey to them your message in a catchy style. Moreover people regard aerial marketing as a welcome distraction and entertaining. The reason why that this approach is not intrusive like placing flyers in someones home or car, or continuing running commercial throughout your favorite TV show. As a result, people will perceive your message gleefully and with a more positive frame of mind.

4-High Consumers Responses

Surveys have revealed that aerial ads were responsible for 20% more responses to a typical ad campaign. When people see something new they are forced by their instinct to discover more about it. So, when they see your brand on the airplane banner they will may purchase your product the next time they visit a store or at least explore it. The example of The State of Maine Lottery clearly shows the high consumer response. Diverse mediums were used for lotterys ad campaign; including the traditional media and aerial advertising; only 6% of the budget was allocated to airplane marketing. In a survey later on, nearly 70% of the people were asked how they came to know about the launching of this lottery and 18.3% of them said they came to know about the lottery via aerial ads.

5-Simple Approach Suitable For Every Business

The airplane banner does not give much detail about the business but it is simple and precise, conveying the exact message to the consumers. As aerial advertising allows you to hit the specific area or market, it is suitable for business of any nature and any size i.e. you can launch a campaign in a specific market or all the major markets of US.

Whether you are launching a new product, planning to makeover the image of your brand or trying to get the attraction of maximum audience in an inexpensive way; aerial advertising is a great option.

Direct Tv Channels Targeted Towards Women And Men

The battle between the sexes has been an evolving argument for centuries. While men traditionally called all the shots and women were expected to comply, the last century has seen a progression of more equal roles among men and women. With a balance in power between men and women also comes a developing interest in finding entertainment niches for both of the sexes. With Direct TV, the entertainment needs for men and women are addressed by the creation of channels that are geared towards gender specific programming. While stations such as Spike are focused mainly on male entertainment, the Hallmark Channel and Oxygen specifically target women viewers. Typically male programming tends to highlight sports, cartoon humor, and action films. This is in great contrast to the romantic comedies and dramas that characterize womens programming. These gender specific channels are not meant to be solely for the viewing purposes of one gender, but are simply marketed towards one demographic.

The Spike channel is marketed directly towards young males in both the choices of programming and advertising. Programs aired on the Spike Channel include The Ultimate Fighter, and CSI reruns. Spike is also known for its James Bond movie marathons and the dubbed comedy game show MXC. The majority of these programs are targeted at a young male audience, but that is not to say women viewers dont also enjoy this kind of programming. An HD viewing of The Ultimate Fighter takes wrestling and cage fighting to a new extreme. Professional cage fighters duke it out for the title, while the program follows their lives as they live together and train together. Comedy Centrals The Mans Show is written specifically for men with a remnant air of the Howard Stern Radio Talk Show. Comedy programs aired in Spike and Comedy Central can be marketed towards both women and men, but are overwhelmingly watched by males.

Womens programming does not revolve as much around violence, but tends to lean heavily on drama and romantic comedies. Channels such as the Hallmark Channel and Oxygen specialize in made for TV movies famous for their heart wrenching plots and tear jerking endings. Digitally re-mastered and high definition versions of older shows such as 7th Heaven and Little House on the Prairie are popular programs on the Hallmark Channel that are suitable for the entire family. The Oxygen Channel specifically targets women with programs such as The Bad Girls Club and the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show.

The appeal to the sexes is also apparent in the choice of advertising on gender specific television channels. While Spike channel is flooded with commercials for mens deodorant and sporting events, Hallmark Channel focuses their advertising campaigns on makeup and hair products. The goals of gender specific programming are to target one half of the population based on whether they are female of male. While the battle of the sexes is still prevalent in modern society, through targeting gender specific programming, the entertainment industry aims to appease both sides.

Aerial Advertising Best Option for All Business Sizes

The size of a business is measured by these factors; the market share, the level of sales turnover and the number of employees. Both small and large businesses play an important role in the economy of any country. For any size and kind of business, advertising is one of the most important tactics because this is the only mode of communication between the vendor and the consumer. Whether you are a small business owner or a part of large business, aerial advertising provides you the most effective and inexpensive mode of marketing.

The growing need of a contemporary, unique and modern approach of advertising has brought aerial advertising in to the limelight recently. A few years ago airplane banners were mostly used for conveying personal messages but now the business industry has recognized its importance. Seventy five percent of the airplane ads are now used for the business marketing campaigns while twenty five percent for the personal messages, this figure was the reverse a few years ago.

Airplane banner advertising is perfectly the ideal approach for a small organization that wants their marketing campaign to be focused on a specific market. Surely these organizations cannot afford the costly TV commercial or newspaper ads. If you are a small business owner and want a quick turnover, all you have to do is hire a professional aerial advertising company. They will design the banner for you, identify the most suitable market with the most consumers and then fly your banner over that market.

Aerial advertising is equally profitable for the larger organizations and business. These days aerial advertising companies fly their planes over all the major markets of the country.

Aerial Advertising has the edge as the company pays only one time for the banner. They can use the same banner anytime in the future or anywhere else they want to launch the ad campaign. Moreover, they can launch the same campaign from coast to coast at the same time or hit the specified areas one by one according to their business requirements. If these businesses are already running an ad campaign on traditional media i.e. TV, newspaper etc. the same theme can be depicted in your aerial advertising campaign.

Luckily the cost of airplane advertising is inexpensive while its impact on the audience is very high. This fact has made it one of the top choices for marketing. The cost is estimated to be approximately 50 cents per thousand prospects while each viewer on average gets a 17 seconds read time. Surveys have reveled that nearly 90% of the people remember the airplane with the banner after 30 minutes it had passed while nearly 80% remembered the product or service being advertised.

The advertising company bears all the overheads of this process so you dont have to worry about the logistics or production of your ads. Aerial advertising is slowly but surely becoming a top choice for the small as well as large businesses due to its cost-effectiveness, high recall value, more responses and lesser overheads.