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Websites On TV – Scam or Legit Review of TV Advertising Biz

Advertising on Television in general has always been a very expensive proposition. Only the ‘Big Boys’ with the big bucks have really had access to advertising their products and services on TV, especially National TV. But Paul Darby, the founder of Websites On TV, believes that it is time that monopoly comes to an end.

For a fraction of the regular cost of television advertising, Mr. Darby promises massive exposure for anyone with a website who buys into his latest business endeavor.

In my review of Websites On TV, it quickly became apparent that this was not your every day network marketing opportunity. Rarely, if ever, have I ever heard of the average networker or multi-level marketer attempting to attract website traffic via the unreachable, highly expensive national television networks. Marketers have always dreamed of such exposure but only the very successful ones could ever afford it.

But that is exactly what is going on here. For a signup fee or monthly subscription to the company and your sponsor, a licensing fee, the cost of the TV ads, a website (owning your own site gains you a 50% discount on any TV commercial advertising purchases), your site will quickly be aired on some major networks during such highly rated programs as Glenn Beck and major networks such as FoxNews, MSNBC, CNN, TBS, TNT and more.

Now, you can purchase all or some of these features and for various amounts of time frames. The signup fees are monthly but the good news is you are locked in and grandfathered into the price you signed up at. They started out at $67/month x 2 and are quickly rising. The bad news for new enrollees is no one knows when they will peak so obviously the sooner one gets in, the less their monthly outlay will be.

The licensing fee (roughly about $2700), at the time of this writing (Jan 2011) is currently being waived. But there are promises that soon all newcomers will be paying this amount as well. Yikes! That’s rough but if this works as intended, it will be chickenfeed.

The cost of the advertising spots themselves are sold at three separate levels depending upon how many others are advertising with you. You choose which group and price range in which you wish to advertise. These rotators consist of anywhere from 15 to 48 advertisers at a time.

Members can make money when TV viewers see a Paul Darby ad and respondents are directed to members’ respective websites which could be their replicated ‘Websites On TV’ site or they may choose to advertise a completely different business altogether.

50% commissions on all sign ups and all monthly fees are paid to paid members for WSOTV sign ups coming through their replicated sites.

At this point in time, it is very difficult to project what one might make in this business. That is due to the ever-changing price structure as well as the varying degrees of effort one might put in over another. Again, if this latest Paul Darby effort succeeds as planned, I believe that everyone involved, especially those who place monthly ads AND who actively promote their ‘Websites On TV’ replicated site will find themselves in the most lucrative online business they have ever come across.

To be fair to the reader, I should point out that while there have been many positive things said about owner and founder Paul Darby and his marketing efforts over the years, he has also seen his share of complaints.

In my investigation of his past affairs regarding the negatives, some have made some very disparaging comments about Mr. Darby’s character. Though I do not know him personally, I do not see anything that would indicate that this man has intentionally done harm or tried to scam anyone.

Network marketers are quick to throw words like ‘scam’ or ‘rip-off’ around, usually after they put in a modicum of effort. When they get back nothing in return for their impatient and next-to-nothing effort, blaming themselves is usually not the road taken. Before they hop off to their next Pre-Launch, they must take that satisfying vengeful bite out of the one who didn’t pay them instant riches for their latest, predictable and chronic MLM failure.

We all have tried and failed in our attempts to better our standing in life. Making a few mistakes along the way; or hopes that have not come through according to planned doesn’t necessarily mean someone is dishonest or intentionally trying to rip-off anyone. After all, without failures, usually quite a few of them, we would never have success.

My gut instinct tells me, although Mr. Darby may have a bit more to chew on at the moment than he can easily handle, I believe him to be an honest, down-to-earth, well-meaning sort who only hopes for the best for anyone he involves in his business.

As far as the opportunity goes, I do like it. I like it a lot. But I would guard against over-extending one’s self if they cannot afford it. Remember, there is a monthly subscription payment to Mr. Darby for the website and the sponsor, in addition to a monthly advertising payment for your TV spots.

You may opt out of the automatic billing for monthly spots but if you do, you lose your grandfathered rights and your locked in prices will be gone forever. Then if and when you place another ad order, you will be purchasing at whatever those rising prices I spoke of earlier have risen to.

For those with the means, I highly recommend Websites On TV. For those without the means, be very cautious not to run up your credit cards beyond the point you can pay. After all, there is no guarantee that, even if millions of people went to your site, that they will find your offer appealing.