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Principles Of Advertising Led Display

Summary: advertising LED Lighting also known as bar LED display, because he is usually named after the long type, but Taiwan called CG or mobile screen, LED display ads can be displayed by the flow of words and name
LED display advertising principles
With the SCM and the rapid development of high-power driver chips, advertising led display gradually into the size of China’s cities and towns street shops.
Advertising LED display also known as bar LED Tube, because he is usually named after the long type, but Taiwan called CG or mobile screen, advertising led display can show a result of the flow of words is named.
Advertising led display structures:
1. Advertising LED display control card: He is a core component of advertising LED display,LED Display normally hidden within the ad, advertising led display control card are generally the clock memory function, which can display the time and memory pre-typed.
2.LED lattice: General X8 points 8 points, 4 dot matrix to display a character, 8 characters requires 32 dot matrix display advertising, namely point 16 points X128 (standard).
3. Advertising LED display frame; usually aluminum, stainless steel is also useful in the.
4. Software: Software is only installed on your computer, to achieve change through the data line LED display for display advertising, but also useful for remote control input, such as: Pingwei Technology have a advertising LEDdisplay, only remote control you can, and do not need to purchase a computer to another modify the contents.
5. Advertising LED display input method:
1. Computer input hair, general advertising LED Tubey ads through a dedicated LED LED display software (generally not common), communication and advertising LED display, and then enter the required content, and the words flow.
2. Remote control input: Pingwei Technology to develop a software operation can replace the remote control keyboard, LED screen that does not need to buy ads to buy a computer.
3. Mobile Input: With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone control with LED Display advertising has become a reality,