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Mobile And Internet Advertising Set To Boom

Mobile advertising is the form of advertising using mobile phones or using other mobile devices. Mobile advertising is a part of mobile marketing. Mobile advertising is closely related to online advertising or internet advertising. Mobile advertising involves displaying text, graphic image and animated ads on data enabled mobile devices. The worlds wireless infrastructure is moving in the right direction, and the catalog required attracting mobile advertisers increasing. There are different ways of advertising on mobile phones, like SMS, calls, MMS, blue tooth, internet gaming, screensaver or wallpaper logos.

The current mobile advertising India, on the other hand, is estimated to be just Rs 0.6 crore. It includes broadcast SMS, brand jingles as caller ring back tones (CRBT), product placements in mobile phone games and banner advertisements on Internet-accessed through mobile phones. India’s online advertising is expected to reach an inflection point by 2009-end – a time when mobile advertising is predicted to grow at a roasting speed. Mobile advertising is going in a slow but fixed pace. The reason is that marketing people and consumers have to understand the benefits and the technology has to be sold at a low price. Mobile advertising as a product to mobile marketers is also somewhat upsetting: There are a lot of new concepts for marketers to learn.
However, its said that there is more of talking then action in mobile marketing.
Mobile advertising grows bigger than any other form of digital advertising or internet advertising.The number of people that uses mobile increasing rapidly.
Chances of seeing an ad in mobile is higher using SMS or MMS or WAO Applications.The response rate is higher on mobile as compared to other advertising devices
Advertisers can arrive at their target audience more accurately.
The biggest challenge for mobile advertising India or internet advertising now is educating the system that mobile is not the same as the Internet, bcoz of the advanced functionality of phones and networks.

Mobile advertising and internet advertising has gone away from the testing stage by brands, which now see it as a reasonable option for the promotional dollars, says Laura Marriott, executive director of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). The operators have played a vital role in helping the association develop guidelines for internet advertising India or mobile advertising India. Over the past few years mobile advertising has become a reasonable advertising channel. This is due to the fact that unlike email over the public internet, the carriers who control their own networks have set guidelines and best practices for the mobile advertising industry (including mobile marketing). The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the Mobile Marketing Association, as well, has established guidelines regarding the use of the mobile channel for marketers. No doubt internet advertising India is going to be the worlds toppest advertising techniques within couple of years.

Trends Of Mobile Advertising In India!

From planning to execution of the media plan, advertisers follow a step by step procedure to launch a promotion campaign for a brand. Amongst the various promotional strategies, media planning is considered the most important stratagem by advertisers. You need to launch your campaign through a best suited media, which will drive sales of your product. Today, mobile ads & internet ads are quite popular in India. Considered as personalized modes of brand promotion, advertising through mobile & internet media provides immediate effect on customers. Through this article, the importance of mobile advertising (in particular) along with the trends of this mode of advertising are briefly discussed.

SMS or Short Messaging Service through mobile phone devices has resulted in an increased practice of brand promotion amongst a wide range of advertisers and brand owners. Offering customised and personalised options of promoting a brand, mobile advertising is quite in
vogue in India. Unlike emails which reach customers through internet media, mobile ads are considered more reachable and accessible to customers because of the portable feature of mobile phones. The upsurge of pocket internet is yet another innovation in mobile advertising. However, SMS ads offer end to end brand promotion solutions immediately and effectively.

Mobile advertisers are expert who are responsible for launching a brand promotion campaign through mobile media. A mobile advertiser is not necessarily the brand owner; he is the one who advertises the brand to the target customers (through a mobile device) on behalf of the brand owner. Mobile advertisers are the latest pundits in contemporary brand advertising. Ensuring quick and effective result for any brand promotion, mobile advertising opens a new pool of advertising opportunity for small and large scale advertisers.

Advertising through mobile media is less expensive than advertising through other media such as television, radio, print etc. BULK SMS is one common practice of SMS campaign. With facilities such as 1 paisa per sms offers and embedded technique of launching a mobile sms
campaign through internet (by using particular softwares), advertisers find mobile advertising an easier and hassle-free mode of brand promotion. BULK SMS campaigns are launched through internet media to gain favour from the public. Through BULK SMS campaign, advertisers send one sms to different customers simultaneously.

The importance of mobile advertising is likely to increase in the coming years especially when brand new products will be launched in the market. Moreover, the hectic lifestyles of the customers also demand the need to reach them through more personalised means amongst which mobile advertising is one.

Is mobile media a suitable advertising mode for your brand

Will mobile advertising work for your brand? Will an advertising campaign launched through mobile media provide the desired impact and reach (as per your promotional requirement)? These two questions are elaborately discussed in the following paragraphs. Take a look and find out whether mobile media is a suitable advertising mode for your brand or not.

Mobile SMS Advertising means promoting a particular brand or service through a mobile media in the form of a text SMS (short messaging service). A mobile phone is a one of the most personalized possessions of an individual, In other words, a mobile phone is an extension of an individual. One always ensures that his or her mobile phone is always around him or her. While sleeping, watching television, traveling or even partying, a mobile phone always companies an individual. A day without mobile is simply unimaginable in todays world. This increasing rage for mobile phones is a cream of the crop opportunity for brand owners and advertisers to reach out to their customers in a very effective manner.

Through mobile campaigns such as SMS mobile advertising, the advertiser ensures that the customers read the brand message without being missed. Due to hectic schedules, one may fail to read the ad message the moment it beeps inside his or her inbox. However, at the end of the day, he or she would care to check out his inbox and find out who all have sent sms (s) and what for. Well, it is a tricky situation for advertisers to persuade customers to read his brand message. Presenting the message with a striking subject line and keeping the content short, crispy and interesting are two must points for every advertiser while launching a mobile SMS advertising campaign.

If worked out effectively, mobile advertising practices can provide proven promotion solutions for various brands. Besides, internet and mobile phones are considered as the future mediums of brand advertising. Mobile advertising has further an added advantage over internet advertising because of its portability. These days the launch of mobile web has promoted the interest of various mobile advertisers to massively use this advertising device. Infact, if the mobile phone is serving the purpose of a personal computer, why would anyone need to log in separately? Providing two-way benefit to advertisers and customers, mobile media is indeed an effective channel for brand advertising. So, dear brand owners, hesitate not while adopting mobile media to promote your brand amongst your customers.

Internet Advertising has competitive advantage over conventional media- Internet media as an advertising channel has competitive advantage over conventional media. Presenting the brand message through interactive manner, internet advertising provides a rich appeal to customers. Hence, for every brand owner, it is a must to adopt internet advertising tools to promote their brand image. It is again been acclaimed by marketers and experts and internet and mobile- both are the future mediums of advertising. Hence, brand owners who want to accelerate their brand business should adopt internet and mobile advertising media to advertise their brands amongst target customers. After all its a digital world so go for online advertising!

How To Take The Unconventional Way Of Brand Advertising

Once upon a time advertisements were considered merely as a means of selling products. Their reach was limited to print media and television commercials. The world has moved forward and along with it the concept of advertisement has also gone through a sea change. Today it is considered as one of the most creative form of art work. As consumers and products have diversified, the medium of advertisement has also changed.

Some of the major channels through which today products are advertised to consumers are Mobile advertising, Internet advertising, SMS mobile advertising, Banner advertising and online advertising.

India today has the fastest growing cellular phone market. The call rates are lower when compared to any other country of the world. The customer base is huge overpowering the fixed line connection. Needless to say that under such circumstances mobile advertising is a rage with any company. SMS, MMS and mobile websites are some of the well known mediums of mobile marketing. SMS advertisement accounts for 90% of the revenue. The reason behind the success of SMS mobile advertising is that people tend to check their messages as soon as they arrive; their accountability is much more than any other media which goes unnoticed.

Talking about electronic mediums of advertisement the internet is surely one preferred medium. Online advertising has many benefits over the traditional methods of advertisement. The medium of web usually surpasses the geographical boundaries of space and time. The advertisement is truly global in nature. Internet advertising can be target audience based. Target viewers can be narrowed down to a very small niche depending upon specifications. They are relatively cheap when compared with other means of traditional advertisement

Online advertising has got many tools out of these tools banner advertising are particularly very popular with advertisers and customers as well. Banner ads are generally clicked through ads that lead to the parent site directly from the advertised site. Their rates depend upon their size and content. Animated banners or banners with flash or music generally costs more than the normal ads. A good design and technical specifications are very important in getting good returns from banner ads.

As India is being recognized with time, advertisers are selling along advertising India campaigns. India is a leading global market.

Mobile Advertising Is Future Potential For Online Marketing

Mobile penetration in India is the second highest in the world today. It is said that the global mobile marketing industry is expected to grow to $24 billion by 2013 and with over 300 million mobile subscribers it is no surprise that the mobile advertising space is bubbling with enthusiasm.
Today, mobile web users utilize their mobiles to access the Internet almost as much as the traditional web. Mobile phones are a constant companion and one is almost certain that the user will read the advertisement. Hence, there can be little doubt that mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing markets in the mobile ecosystem.
Advantage mobile

Apart from online advertising, there is often no way to check if anyone views/ reads/ listens to the advertisements. With mobile advertising, one can overcome this challenge and interact with target customers in a more efficient manner. Today, mobile advertising is finally coming out of the bulk SMS push model to a more sophisticated and targeted mechanism to reach out to the right users, at the right time. There are millions of mobile subscribers and each one of them can be reached through Mobile Application Advertising and marketing.
A mobile phone definitely qualifies as one of the potential marketing and advertising media devices because of its inherent characteristics such as being the most personal touch point, providing anywhere, anytime access to the customer. It can also trigger instant actions, responses and conversions can occur in real-time. Moreover, the mobile channel unlike the online one can be completely controlled so that spam can be minimized, thereby making marketing and advertising relevant and non-intrusive.
The way forward in mobile advertising would be targeted customer data driven marketing and advertising. Subscribers need to be carefully targeted based on their demographics, preferences etc. As long as the operators are able to make sure that they do not irritate the subscribers with too many messages and spam, mobile advertising can be a win-win for all.
Xebec eMedia & Mobile Advertising

Xebec eMedia was launched two years ago in order to bring together their expertise on brand building into the new age medium and offer additional services to their clients. In its endeavor to make advertisements relevant to its clients Xebec eMedia introduced mobile advertising to its array of services. Taking into account the cost of interaction & transaction of a mobile being low, Xebec eMedia leveraged on the future potential that mobile advertising has to offer.
Xebec eMedia works alongside with clients, who understand the mobile medium and are ready to unearth its true potential. It understands the clients requirements and creates specific solutions that have far reaching effects.
Advertising is an important tool for most carriers. Capitalizing on the abundant opportunities such as 3G, mobile video, GPRS and many such interesting models that mobile advertising has to offer, Xebec eMedia is all set to deliver campaigns that would work in measurable ways to achieve the set objectives of its clients.