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Marketing Strategy In Russia – Market Research, Public Relations, Advertising Media In Russia

Developing a Perfect Marketing Strategy in Russia

Effective marketing and advertising starts with developing a perfect marketing strategy as it helps you in achieving your business goals. A marketing strategy includes below given steps which you need to follow to earn maximum return out of your investment:-

Market Research

If you are planning to launch your products in Russian market, it becomes necessary to do thorough market research. Marketing research in Russia is very important as the decisions like which advertising media to choose, in which area of Russia, the products should be distributed etc., can be taken easily with the help of results achieved out of market research in Russia. Various market information like size, growth, social trends, demographics etc., can be achieved through market research. If you have complete information about the market, you will be able to implement effective advertising strategy for your products.

Public Relations

If you are newly launching your company in Russia, then it becomes necessary that there should be a very good reputation of your company amongst the consumers in Russia so that you can sell your products or services easily. An advertising agency in Russia offering PR services in Russia works towards developing a positive image about your company in Russia which gives great results in terms of sales and profits.

Advertising Media

Choosing a right advertising media is also important to develop a perfect marketing strategy. Whether you want to go for online advertising in Russian websites or opt for outdoor advertising and indoor advertising in Russia, depends on the type of product or service you are trying to sell. You can also opt for advertising in public transport in Russia to get more attention. Advertising on television in Russia would be great as so many people watch TV and may come across your advertisement which may convert them into your customers. There are many people who hear radio all the time, so if you advertise your products on Radio, you may get attention of those people.
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Advantages Of Public Relations

You have probably heard of the term public relations. You are aware that it has something to do with protecting your business name, making it look good in the public, and ensuring that it has a good reputation.

Public relation is common in almost all the industries today. Big corporations consult PR professionals to come up with a good campaign that will make them look good in the public.

You are probably wondering why hire a professional when it is common sense that the public will love you if you are good. Yes, this is true. People love supporting organizations with a good heart. However, how will the public know if the organization has a good heart if they do not share their goals, plans, and achievements to the public?

This is the task of the PR group. They have to make sure that the public sees the good side of the organization. Aside from that, having a PR group offers several advantages. Here are some of them:

1. Credibility is one of the major advantages of having a PR group. Unlike advertisements that pay networks or billboards to show the promotional items, PR builds an organization through stories. Stories that are true. PR group uses the media as a channel to get the message through. Since most customers perceived media as an independent party, they trust their judgments and reviews.

2. It is long lasting. PR builds the credibility of the organization. As long as the organization maintains their credibility, the name of the organization will remain good in the eyes of the consumers. This means that they do not have to post an ad to remind the public that they have high quality products. Just the mention of their name, the customers immediately associates it with quality.

3. Its cost is not as high. The amount you are going to shell out is very low compared to the results you will generate from the campaign. Since it is long lasting, you will benefit from it longer as well.

4. Customers will find the organization more interesting. Unlike in advertising that only takes a few minutes, the PR efforts stir the interest of the public. If they are able to read that the company cares for the environment, they will check out their activities that prove the claim. If they are having a grand recycling program, they will be able to generate support from environmentalists.

5. It helps build the image of the organization. PR efforts do not only concentrate on business segment of the organization. Its efforts are towards the company as a whole. Because of this, the consumers will not only patronize a single product from the company, but its whole line of items.

Surely, public relations offer several advantages. Its effects last longer. Since this is the case, its cost is definitely lower than any form of promotional tools. Aside from that, its campaigns are not only for one line of product. It builds the credibility and reputation of the entire organization.