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Advertising And Marketing In Singapore

Advertising and Marketing in Singapore

According to the Nielsen 2009 report, the Singapore outdoor advertisingindustry is worth around $134 million dollars a year. But unlike in most countries, billboard advertising is not commonly used due to the Government rules and regulation on where and when outdoor Outdoor Media advertisements are allowed to be displayed.

According to the Building Control Act:

(1) Every licensee shall ensure that any advertisement, animated billboard, balloon sign, directional sign, signboard or skysign to which his licence relates complies with the following requirements:

(a) the advertisement, animated billboard, balloon sign, directional sign, signboard or skysign

(i) if displayed 5 metres or more above any street, shall not project more than 1.5 metres from the regular line of the street; and

(ii) if displayed more than 3.75 metres but less than 5 metres above any street, shall not project more than 60 centimetres from the regular line of the street;

(b) the advertisement, animated billboard, balloon sign, directional sign or signboard, if fixed in a verandah-way or over a footpath, shall not be less than 2.5 metres above the level of the verandah-way or footpath; and

(c) the advertisement, animated billboard, directional sign or signboard, if projecting over any street, shall not be erected less than 2.5 metres above the cover of any roadside drain, measured vertically from the top of the cover to the underside of the advertisement, animated billboard, directional sign or signboard.

(2) No licensee shall illuminate or decorate by means of flickering, flashing or running lights any advertisement, directional sign, signboard or skysign that is visible from the street except with the prior approval of the Commissioner.

(3) No licensee shall decorate by means of flickering, flashing or running lights any part of any frame or panel to which an animated billboard is affixed except with the prior approval of the Commissioner.

Singapore has a well-deserved reputation as a clean and attractive city which is preserved by their strict guidelines in regards to Outdoor Advertising. Outdoor advertisementsin Singapore dont just come out of nowhere and turn into visual pollutants. It stands out effectively from existing structures and varied media forms such as trains, buses, and taxis. The top four media owners in Singapore largely deal in buses and bus shelters, trains and train stations basically covering road transit, street sides, rail transits and rail stations. These four media owners control more than 75% of the outdoor advertising spent in Singapore.

SMRT Media, one of the leading Out of Home Media Owners in Singapore, offers one of the largest outdoor advertising solutions through its wide network system of over 100 trains, 65 stations, 3000 taxis, 6 bus inter-changes and close to 900 buses.

Digital Outdoor Ads- Best Tools For Modern Outdoor Advertising!

Advertising a brand involves a defined plan, strategy, tool and technique. A proper co-ordination of all these factors helps in launching a successful promotion campaign for a brand in the market place. When it comes to the medium of advertising, advertisers have a plethora of choice to select the right or desired medium of promotion for their brand. One such medium of brand promotion is outdoor advertising. Also known as out of home advertising or OOH advertising, outdoor ads are considered as one of the oldest yet effective means or techniques of advertising brands in the market.

Out of home advertising or OOH Advertising tools in modern times have not only been revamped but have also been redefined with a touch of sophistication. With a steady digital revolution, outdoor advertising tools have also undergone a complete renovation. Today in modern outdoor advertising, outdoor ads are but synonymous to digital ads which provide a flashy, glitzy and attention grasping look to the public.

One of the modes of outdoor advertising India is airport advertising. As the name itself suggests airport advertising is carried out in the airports. Airports are generally considered as a posh location where rich people with spending capacity come and interact. Targeting these rich people with a unique outdoor advertising campaign is sure to provide a hit for the brand. Some tools used in airport advertising include media players, LCD and LED screens, digital signage, electronic billboards, electronic kiosks etc.

With the induction of digital technology, outdoor advertising India today is akin to contemporary advertising which deploys the latest tools, techniques and styles of brand promotion. One of the advantages of digital outdoor advertising is that whenever the advertiser needs to update any content, it is possible to do so within minutes. And they do not have to spend for expensive printing costs or to undergo problems with printing errors. In digital outdoor advertising tools, content can be updated by a click of a mouse and can control one screen or unlimited number of screens in a single network. And what is more interesting is that these networks can even be stretched across the globe and remotely controlled.

Outdoor Advertising at present is winning the war in the advertising market. Thanks to the induction of digital media, outdoor ads are revamped, redefined with which brands get a more renovated and eye-catching look to its onlookers. Targeted to provide a richer and further brand experience to intended target groups, digital outdoor ad at present set the tone for modern outdoor advertising in India as well as across the globe.

Varieties of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a very cost-effective way to market. It is extremely cost effective and it can be controlled and manipulated by using the various ad mediums offered outdoors.

Bench Advertising Advertising on bus stop benches and in bus stop shelters has been around for years. An oldy and a goody, it is also one of the most cost efficient means around. The average cost for placing an ad on one bench is $250.00. On average each bench advertisement is seen by approximately 25,000 cars a day. IAdditionally, these ads are viewed around the clock by bus patrons, pedestrians and passers-by. Bench advertising is also an excellent way to target specific audiences.

Posters This type of advertising is most commonly used to advertise upcoming and incoming plays or concerts. More and more companies are placing these posters in subways and bus shelters. They are incredibly inexpensive as they take up less space than most other forms of outdoor advertising. Additionally, they can be placed at eye level to encourage more immeadiate and frequent viewing.

Outdoor Billboards The billboard is the first form of advertising that comes to mind when thinking about outdoor advertising. Outdoor billboards average $2000 a month in cost per billboard. Permanent fixtures along roads and highways, the message is seen over and over again by those who pass these ads daily. In addition these billboards stand alone away from any distractions that would detract from their message. Similar to bench advertisements, Billboards also be placed strategically to reach a specific target audience. This type of advertising can reach an incredible number of people each day. Emphatically more than an airwave mass media approach of radio or television. Imagine a billboard sitting beside a busy highway and consider how many cars pass it every day. Calculations indicate millions and millions of viewers per week.

Mobile Billboards Mobile advertising allows a specific message to be moved around from point to point in a city, state or across the country. This mobile approach adds a component found nowhere else in that mobile billboard advertising can be directed to specific audiences that are most likely to generate potential new customers. It can be positioned so there are no other distractions whatsoever to take away from its message. Unique in its category, abundance of this type of advertising on the highways it is original, innovative and eye catching! This advertising is also viewed by hundreds of thousands of people a month. And as it is mobile, the ad can be moved to where the largest and most interested crowds are gathered.

Fleet Advertising This is a new form of mobile advertising. Companies that have several trucks on the road, use fleet advertising. The truck itself will be a roving form of advertisement by having the exact same ad on all of the companys vehicles. Its secret is “using what already exists”. This type of ad needs to be bright and eye catching so pedestrians and drivers can easily see it. In a world that values multi-tasking above all else, Fleet Advertising conquers two plus birds with one stone that would already be in motion.

Tactics Of Mall Advertising And Ooh Advertising- A Look!

Tactics of Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising or advertising in and around shopping malls is one of the latest avenues of outdoor mode of brand promotion. The rising tide of mall culture in India, the burgeoning market, the booming economy of the country- all these are factors responsible for the mushrooming growth of Mall Advertising in India. As an effective practice of outdoor advertising, mall ads provide brilliant impact on customers. In todays blog, let us have a brief idea how mall ads reach out to potential customers.

How Mall Ads reach out to potential customers?

Mall advertising reaches out to those customers who are poised to purchase the brands. People usually visit malls for the following three reasons-

– To shop or buy

– To dine with friends, family or acquaintances

– To unwind a good time with near and dear ones

All in all, it is a well noted fact that people with spending capacity come to the various shopping malls for any of the above reasons or for all of them. It is easy to tickle the attention of these customers who have spending capacity and who are ready to buy anything which looks good or enticing to them. Here comes the need for Mall Advertising. If the product message is easily accessible for customers, chances of sales are high at shopping malls. Hence, the top priority of mall advertising is to display your ad message at a customer-friendly location.

A shopping mall is usually large and has various stores. Sometimes it is difficult to locate the showroom for a particular brand. Mall Advertising again helps customers to locate the showrooms by providing the details or address of the showroom. Be it DLF Mall Advertising or other Mall Advertising practices, brand promotion in and around shopping malls is one of the emerging trends. Most of the outdoor advertisers are expanding their expertise in this promotion practice.

Tactics of OOH Advertising

Advertising is mandatory for every brand. Outdoor Advertising is one of the age-old modes of brand promotion effectively used by various brand owners and advertisers. One of the primary assets of an OOH Advertising campaign is to project a unique image of the brand on customers mind.OOH Advertisers adopt various means and measures to launch a promotion campaign for a particular brand or product. In this blog, let us find out few smart tactics used by an outdoor advertiser to provide a unique impression about his brand to his customers.

Implementation of rich media – A medium or tool of advertising plays an important role in any promotion campaign of a brand. In any outdoor advertising campaign, the advertiser ensures the usage of a rich and effective advertising media to communicate with the target customers. A rich media provides a unique appeal and impression about the brand to customers.

Induction of latest technology – Be it the tool or technique of promotion, technology plays a key role while delivering the brand message to customers. Garnering the overall promotion activities of the brand, technology is the blessing in disguise for any advertising campaign (launched through any media).

Displaying the ad at crowded locations – In any OOH Advertising campaign, what is important is to deliver the brand message quickly and effectively. It is possible only when the brand message is accessible right? By displaying the ad at crowded locations such as roadsides, traffic points, shopping malls, metro stations etc the brand message is easily accessible for customers.

Creatively presenting the brand message – Last but not the least, what is important is to present the brand message in a creative and innovative manner by using the right theme, language and design. A poor brand message may foil the overall promotion strategies of the brand. Hence, it is important to frame a rich as well as creative brand message in order to provide the desired impact on customers.

Basics Of Outdoor Advertising – The Growing Trend Of Ooh Advertising In India

Ever launched an ad campaign for your brand? If you are a newbie in this advertising practice, you need to understand the ABC of promoting your brand through outdoor media. Outdoor advertising has the capacity to drive sales for your product effectively and with lasting impression. However, without improper knowledge about the right outdoor advertising method and approach, the entire promotion campaign may probably ruin. Through an outdoor ad campaign, you are making your brand message accessible to those potential customers who move out of their homes (for any purpose). Its all about providing some sunshine to your brand simultaneously attracting the passing-attention of its customers. In this blog, some useful tips about launching an OOH campaign for your brand are provided.

The first step of any brand promotion campaign whether outdoor or home based is to design the brand message. Imagine, you are the customer, how would you expect the advertiser to present the brand message? Twist and turn the other way round, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and frame the brand message accordingly.

The second step is to choose the media vehicle (s). An outdoor advertising campaign can be launched through multiple outdoor media. Though budget is a concern to launch an outdoor ad through multiple-media, it is beneficial for the advertiser to promote his brand through maximum number of outdoor devices. One benefit about any OOH campaign is that the same brand communication can be used in multiple devices.

Last but not the least, it is an important strategy to choose a suitable location to display any outdoor ad. The location where the ad is placed should be easily accessible or view able by the target audiences. Experts consider placing their outdoor ads at roadsides, traffic points, highways, buses (for moving ads) etc. Airports, metro stations, shopping malls etc are latest discovered avenues where outdoor advertisers launch their promotion campaign.

The Growing Trend of Outdoor Advertising in India

The growing trend of outdoor advertising is felt in Indian advertising agencies. Maximum numbers of advertising agencies indulge in Out of Home Advertising campaigns to promote their brands. With the introduction of various practices of outdoor advertising such as airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc, outdoor advertising has gained a rich impetus among st the other modes of brand promotion. The changing face of modern advertising further garners the adoption outdoor advertising methods as another re-discovered and refurbished mode of brand promotion. Furthermore, the introduction of digital technology in outdoor advertising provides brand owners a brand new technique to promote their brands through rich media. In a new age of advertising, the importance of outdoor ads continuously grew among st the brand owners.

Billboard advertising are never the same in modern outdoor ads. With digital induction, digitalis billboards have replaced traditional billboards. What is striking about modern billboards is that the ad content and image can be remotely edited. So, advertisers bid adieu to re-working upon advertisements of brands which require minute or major change. Digital billboards also provide attention grasping look to customers (which further deliver the brand message effectively.

One more major benefit of high-tech tools and techniques of OOH advertising is that advertisers can save a great amount of time, money and effort. Unlike traditional tools of outdoor advertising which require complete re-work or change of copy and image, modern outdoor tools of advertising provide hassle-free means of launching a promotion campaign within a short amount of time.

The growing trend of outdoor advertising clearly reflects how India has advanced in brand advertising measures and methods. Needless to mention the non-stop discovery of various other tools and avenues of advertising by experts, the future of outdoor and home based advertising seems lucrative and promising. Cheers to every advertiser and brand owner!