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Varieties of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a very cost-effective way to market. It is extremely cost effective and it can be controlled and manipulated by using the various ad mediums offered outdoors.

Bench Advertising Advertising on bus stop benches and in bus stop shelters has been around for years. An oldy and a goody, it is also one of the most cost efficient means around. The average cost for placing an ad on one bench is $250.00. On average each bench advertisement is seen by approximately 25,000 cars a day. IAdditionally, these ads are viewed around the clock by bus patrons, pedestrians and passers-by. Bench advertising is also an excellent way to target specific audiences.

Posters This type of advertising is most commonly used to advertise upcoming and incoming plays or concerts. More and more companies are placing these posters in subways and bus shelters. They are incredibly inexpensive as they take up less space than most other forms of outdoor advertising. Additionally, they can be placed at eye level to encourage more immeadiate and frequent viewing.

Outdoor Billboards The billboard is the first form of advertising that comes to mind when thinking about outdoor advertising. Outdoor billboards average $2000 a month in cost per billboard. Permanent fixtures along roads and highways, the message is seen over and over again by those who pass these ads daily. In addition these billboards stand alone away from any distractions that would detract from their message. Similar to bench advertisements, Billboards also be placed strategically to reach a specific target audience. This type of advertising can reach an incredible number of people each day. Emphatically more than an airwave mass media approach of radio or television. Imagine a billboard sitting beside a busy highway and consider how many cars pass it every day. Calculations indicate millions and millions of viewers per week.

Mobile Billboards Mobile advertising allows a specific message to be moved around from point to point in a city, state or across the country. This mobile approach adds a component found nowhere else in that mobile billboard advertising can be directed to specific audiences that are most likely to generate potential new customers. It can be positioned so there are no other distractions whatsoever to take away from its message. Unique in its category, abundance of this type of advertising on the highways it is original, innovative and eye catching! This advertising is also viewed by hundreds of thousands of people a month. And as it is mobile, the ad can be moved to where the largest and most interested crowds are gathered.

Fleet Advertising This is a new form of mobile advertising. Companies that have several trucks on the road, use fleet advertising. The truck itself will be a roving form of advertisement by having the exact same ad on all of the companys vehicles. Its secret is “using what already exists”. This type of ad needs to be bright and eye catching so pedestrians and drivers can easily see it. In a world that values multi-tasking above all else, Fleet Advertising conquers two plus birds with one stone that would already be in motion.