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Article Domination Method Reviewed Hype Or Great Article Marketing Strategy

In his ebook, “Article Domination Method”, Kevin Koop, teaches you a step-by-step method for dominating your niche by the writing of articles but with a twist.

So, what is this article marketing strategy, you ask?

Well, instead of re-inventing the wheel, Kevin simply improved upon a technique that has been around for a very long time—writing articles to submit to article directories.

This will lead to exposure for your products and/or services.

So, you will essentially get paid to write articles as you will see a spike in website traffic.

That being said, Kevin teaches you how to take this very formula and leverage the power of every single article you write for submission and one of the ways he discusses are three proven formats that even a novice can master.

Suprisingly, many people are not tapping into these relatively simple formats that helps to not only get their articles picked up more readily but also help to make the article writing so much smoother.

I bet you’re wondering what is this article marketing strategy?

Let me share one of the methods laid out in the ebook:

Format #1:

State the topic your tips will be about and then break it down for the reader in chronological order.

By following this method it will increase the chances of your article not only being picked up by publishers but to become widely circulated on the internet which would help to leverage your own marketing efforts.

This could only lead to increased website traffic. And all of this for FREE.

Though the ebook prints out to 67 pages and doesn’t go too much into search engine optimizing as I thought it would, it does cover one of the most important aspects of how to use article writing to promote your product and/or services, which leads to more customers and sales.

Kevin A. Koop, who has a background in Custom Cabinetmaking, decided to find a way to better leverage his skills as this lucrative business of his was quite time-demanding.

Having stumbled upon an e-book course by well-known internet marketers he decided to put his efforts and energy into learning all that he could about marketing on the internet.

In “Article Domination Method”, I found the most value in the fact that Kevin doesn’t just tell you what to do he actually breaks everything down into bite sized pieces and even includes screen capture pages and bonus videos to help equip you with all that you need to give you that article marketing strategy edge over your competition.

This e-book takes on a truly paint-by-numbers approach I’ve not seen before in all of the article marketing products I have come across. It gives you a blue-print that you can simply plug right into and check off the steps you need to take so as to be on track.

These steps will enable you to have the greatest success in the writing of your articles. The ebook goes on to show you how to get targeted website traffic In days….not months.