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Advertising Techniques In Print Media

The publication such as Newspapers, Magazines, Portfolio, Brochures, Tabloids and Pamphlets is a tool used by the advertising industry to promote certain products and services using advertising techniques.

There are two types of advertisement done on newspapers. These are the advertisement on classified section and the advertisement in between the category of newspaper contents.
The ads printed on the classified section are the cheapest because they do not require using creative advertising techniques.

Every word corresponds to a price that is why every word counts. To save on advertising, some companies carefully plan the words or message they want to convey to the public. Depending on the publication, there are newspapers that also set a specific price for the line used in a column.

Often, there are advertisements printed on classified section that use wider space, colored text and images. The space, colored text and its size, and images have a corresponding price.

The wider the space, the higher is its price. The same principle holds true to the size of the text and the colors used. More colors require higher costs especially when it involves photos.

Many businesses rent the whole page to promote their products and services. They use different advertising techniques to catch the attention of the readers.

Some businesses use lesser words but feature catchy images or photos to send the message. There are also several enterprises that do the other way around.

Many of the publications today allow advertisement on other pages of the newspapers or tabloids besides the classified. The location of the advertisement is crucial to the pricing.

For example, if the advertisement is printed on the back portion of the newspaper, the price is the most expensive. If it is printed on the second page after the headlines, it is still costly.

Lifestyle and Entertainment section also sets a high price mainly because many people buy the newspapers exactly to patronize that section.

Each section in the newspaper has its corresponding price, and the price differs according to the variety of advertising techniques used and the contents of such section.

The same principles hold true to magazines, although the prices are a bit different depending on the reputation of the publisher, the type and popularity of the publication.

In addition, magazines are often the places to advertise expensive merchandises especially the creations of international designers.

Fashion, Lingerie, Perfumes, Jewelry, Electronic devices and gadgets, Sports car, International hotel and resort chain, Tourism and Travel, and International Airlines are just few of the many advertisements published on magazines.

For others, magazines can reach wider and more audiences because they can go international. They are made available in many countries covering few continents.

Newspapers on the other hand have its audience coverage limited to States, Cities, County and Provinces of a country and at rare times, few international capital cities.

Among the magazines published, the ones that are devoted to entertainment, travel, science and discovery, car, and politics are the bestsellers.

They also have the most creative advertising techniques and the most expensive advertising prices.