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Basics Of Outdoor Advertising – The Growing Trend Of Ooh Advertising In India

Ever launched an ad campaign for your brand? If you are a newbie in this advertising practice, you need to understand the ABC of promoting your brand through outdoor media. Outdoor advertising has the capacity to drive sales for your product effectively and with lasting impression. However, without improper knowledge about the right outdoor advertising method and approach, the entire promotion campaign may probably ruin. Through an outdoor ad campaign, you are making your brand message accessible to those potential customers who move out of their homes (for any purpose). Its all about providing some sunshine to your brand simultaneously attracting the passing-attention of its customers. In this blog, some useful tips about launching an OOH campaign for your brand are provided.

The first step of any brand promotion campaign whether outdoor or home based is to design the brand message. Imagine, you are the customer, how would you expect the advertiser to present the brand message? Twist and turn the other way round, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and frame the brand message accordingly.

The second step is to choose the media vehicle (s). An outdoor advertising campaign can be launched through multiple outdoor media. Though budget is a concern to launch an outdoor ad through multiple-media, it is beneficial for the advertiser to promote his brand through maximum number of outdoor devices. One benefit about any OOH campaign is that the same brand communication can be used in multiple devices.

Last but not the least, it is an important strategy to choose a suitable location to display any outdoor ad. The location where the ad is placed should be easily accessible or view able by the target audiences. Experts consider placing their outdoor ads at roadsides, traffic points, highways, buses (for moving ads) etc. Airports, metro stations, shopping malls etc are latest discovered avenues where outdoor advertisers launch their promotion campaign.

The Growing Trend of Outdoor Advertising in India

The growing trend of outdoor advertising is felt in Indian advertising agencies. Maximum numbers of advertising agencies indulge in Out of Home Advertising campaigns to promote their brands. With the introduction of various practices of outdoor advertising such as airport advertising, mall advertising, metro advertising etc, outdoor advertising has gained a rich impetus among st the other modes of brand promotion. The changing face of modern advertising further garners the adoption outdoor advertising methods as another re-discovered and refurbished mode of brand promotion. Furthermore, the introduction of digital technology in outdoor advertising provides brand owners a brand new technique to promote their brands through rich media. In a new age of advertising, the importance of outdoor ads continuously grew among st the brand owners.

Billboard advertising are never the same in modern outdoor ads. With digital induction, digitalis billboards have replaced traditional billboards. What is striking about modern billboards is that the ad content and image can be remotely edited. So, advertisers bid adieu to re-working upon advertisements of brands which require minute or major change. Digital billboards also provide attention grasping look to customers (which further deliver the brand message effectively.

One more major benefit of high-tech tools and techniques of OOH advertising is that advertisers can save a great amount of time, money and effort. Unlike traditional tools of outdoor advertising which require complete re-work or change of copy and image, modern outdoor tools of advertising provide hassle-free means of launching a promotion campaign within a short amount of time.

The growing trend of outdoor advertising clearly reflects how India has advanced in brand advertising measures and methods. Needless to mention the non-stop discovery of various other tools and avenues of advertising by experts, the future of outdoor and home based advertising seems lucrative and promising. Cheers to every advertiser and brand owner!

Out of Home Advertising with Health Club Media

Looking for an OOH advertising channel to reach the health-minded, mobile, and affluent demographic? Whether your message pertains to college students, seniors, mothers or business people, health club media provides many effective touch points for your target consumer.

Numerous out of home advertising opportunities exist at fitness clubs, including digital displays, indoor panel posters, yoga mats, sampling/giveaways, sponsored music, backlit displays, branded weights and floor mats – just to name a few. An advertiser can utilize the various media types to target consumers in the classroom/studio, locker room, restroom, cardio room, weight room, lounge or reception area.

Benefits of the Health Club Advertising –

Health club advertising tends to reach a more active, affluent demographic. Recent trends have moved the age of the demographic from younger to more moderate. For example, people in their 40s and 50s are seeing the benefits of fitness clubs, plus many gyms have begun implementing programs for active seniors. In fact, according to American Demographics, over 17% of gym-goers are aged 55 and over. However, it’s still very effective in reaching the 18-49 age group as well.

Advertisers can engage specific groups of consumers with health club media because of the many different ways a message can be delivered using the medium. However, with a full club campaign, targeting additional demographic segments simultaneously is also easy. Another benefit of health club advertising is the association of your product with a healthy lifestyle. By including fitness centers in a campaign, the advertiser connects with people who take care of themselves and want healthy products.

How the OOH Medium is Used –

To target different demographic and lifestyle segments with health club media, advertisers can use location, health club type, program and time of day.

Geographic location is one way to reach a specific demographic segment. Look not only at the demographic make-up of that particular area of the market, but at the surrounding areas as well. Check to see if the gym or health club is located in a heavy office area (white collar workers), school/college area (college students or mothers) or affluent neighborhood.

If targeting by behavior or lifestyle segment, the type of fitness center can make a big difference. For example, gender-specific clubs and family fitness centers are going to have quite different consumers. Incorporating specific health club types into a media plan is a great way to target specific lifestyle segments.

Targeting by program can be a great way to get your media in front of the senior, college students, mothers-to-be and business people demographics. For example, express workouts, yoga/Pilates and personal training sessions draw different types of consumers, making niche targeting simple.

Reach consumers during different times of the day using specific media products that allow for day-part scheduling. For instance, the younger demographic typically works out later in the day, while seniors work out in the morning. Many digital networks allow this type of scheduling. Other options might include providing the front desk with coupons to be given out at a certain time or scheduling a promotion to hand out samples to specific groups at specific times.