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Benefits of Internet Advertising

When trying to build a business, advertising is one of the most effective ways to bring in customers and increase sales. While many businesses rely on traditional methods of marketing such as television and radio ads, others are starting to realize the benefit of investing in Internet advertising. Online advertising provides a number of benefits that businesses cannot realize with other forms of marketing.

Low Barriers to Entry

One of the biggest advantages of this form of marketing is that it does not require a large initial investment. While buying a spot on TV may cost thousands of dollars right away, online marketing campaigns can be started for only a few dollars. For example, a business could set up a Google Adwords account and spend as little as $5 per day on ads. This makes it possible for any business, regardless of size, to get involved.

Highly Targeted

Another advantage of online marketing is that it can be highly targeted. For example, with a pay-per-click campaign, marketers only have to pay when someone clicks on an ad. If a visitor takes an action such as clicking on an advertisement, he is most likely interested in what the seller has to offer. By comparison, with mass marketing such as a radio ad, the ad is sent out and reaches many people that may not be interested in the product being offered.


Internet advertising is also highly flexible for the average marketer. If something isn’t working, it can be changed right away. Many advertising programs like Google Adwords make it possible for marketers to login to their accounts and suspend a campaign or tweak it. This allows users to change their campaigns as needed.

Results Can Be Tracked

One of the biggest benefits of using online advertising is that it can be tracked. Marketing efforts can be tracked because it’s easy to see when an ad is clicked on. From that point, the company can determine how many visitors made a purchase compared to how many clicked on the ad. This helps the company determine if its marketing efforts are working or if something needs to be changed. Some companies pay performance incentives in order to secure the best ads and marketing campaigns online. When a company invests money in ads, they need to be able to see exactly what they are getting out of this form of advertising. Otherwise, they can’t be sure if they’re throwing their money away or if they’re getting the most bang for their buck.

The Five Most Powerful Forms of Internet Advertising

Webmasters and Entrepreneurs around the world are beginning to learn first-hand the long-term value of using Promotional Ezine Articles to promote their businesses in the online environment.

When you are promoting your website, there are five methods that clearly occupy the top five positions in the ratings for effectiveness. These methods are not listed in the order of effectiveness, but rather in the order needed to share my story:

– Search Engine Listings – Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Listings – Website Advertising – Ezine Advertising – Free-Reprint Promotional Articles


To get listed in the search engines does not have to cost you money. I use Free Web Submission ( ) for my own search engine submissions. This tool is provided for us by Jayde online, Inc.

Although their software submits only to the top 20 spider search engines, it does provide direct links to the top 50 spider search engines.


Overture ( ) is the largest of all of thePay-Per-Click providers. Google Adwords is another one of the most powerful PPC providers ( ).

With PPCSE’s, you buy keywords or keyword phrases from the provider. When your purchased keywords are placed into the search engine query, your ad will appear in the paid listings next to the global results.

With all systems, you only pay a fee if someone clicks your link to visit your website. Google Adwords adds tougher criteria to the basic model. Their software determines your CTR (click through rate) to make sure your advertisement is living up to the Adwords Display-to-CTR recommended ratio.

In addition, with Google Adwords, your purchased keywords must be relevent to your offerings.


Most content driven websites offer advertising on their site. Some sites offer their advertising at very reasonable rates, while others offer ad rates that make them viable advertising possibilities for only the largest businesses.

You should always select a website for your advertising where you suspect people in your potential marketplace actually visit.

For example, with my business, writers are the people who buy my services. So, I spend most of my advertising dollars to reach writers. one of my most effective advertising outlets I use is a site called Sell Writing online at: Another site I advertise on is Lyons International at:


When you advertise in ezines (online newsletters), you run into the same factors that you do with website advertising. Some have high ad rates, while others do not. Some have high readership, and some do not. And all of them target a certain segment of our population.

When shopping ezines to advertise in, you should always target the readers you hope to attract to your business. You should also make sure that the cost of advertising is within your budget and reaches the number of people that is needed to keep your advertising cost-effective.