Outdoor Advertising- Interactive & Appealing Method Of Brand Promotion

Any brand promotion activity which is carried out through outdoor media such as billboards, posters, digital signage’s, electronic kiosks etc comes under outdoor advertising. Outdoor ads provide interactive and appealing brand message ensuring effective brand impression to the TG. It is an interesting fact to acknowledge how an outdoor ad which is visible to customers only when they move outdoors has the capacity to provide persuading brand message. Is it reachability, measurability or impression which provides striking effect on customers through outdoor advertising? The following paragraphs explain how outdoor advertising provides the brand message successfully without any restraint.

Any advertising activity promises good reachability of the brand to its customers. It is the advertisers duty to adhere to this promise. The purpose of an outdoor advertising campaign is to influence the buying behaviour of those customers who are on the move. Through visuals and words, outdoor ads provide the brand message in an enticing manner. The importance of visuals, words, color schemes etc are briefly discussed in the following paragraphs.

Importance of visuals in outdoor ads

Visuals play an important role in any outdoor advertising campaign. Outdoor ads barrage the brand message through attractive visuals.A picture is mute poetry. If the image or picture has the ability to provide the brand message, it is no surprising to discover that outdoor ads can be designed only through visuals. The right image which provides the right brand message can easily fulfill the purpose of the promotion.

Importance of words in outdoor ads

The importance of words in any advertising campaign is not a new topic of discussion. Advertisers hire experts such as copywriters principally to provide the ad copy of a brand. However, the usage of words in outdoor advertising is conditional in nature. The ad copy should be short, crisp and easy to comprehend by the target customers. Confusing brand message should be avoided at any cause in brand advertising whether through outdoor or home based media.

Importance of themes in outdoor ads

An outdoor ad is not restricted to any particular theme or appeal. It has full liberty to adopt or apply any theme which suits the promotion activity of the brand. However, advertisers should tactfully persuade the prospective customers minds and engage their attention through the theme of the ad.

Importance of color scheme & location saturation in outdoor advertising

The ebb and flow of brand message through outdoor media depends upon the usage of color schemes and location saturation to a great extent. Outdoor ads provide flamboyant look to customers (which eventually provide a rich impression of the advertised brand). Besides color, the location where the ad is placed is also equally important. Outdoor ads should be placed at specific sites such as traffic points, roadsides, street corners etc where passers-by can easily view and read the brand message.

How an ideal outdoor ad should be like?

The assets of an outdoor advertising campaign are to provide good reach ability, good impact, good memorability of the promotion activity. Needless to mention that an ideal outdoor ad should be a blend of the right image and the right ad copy, with the right color scheme placed at an easy to view location.

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