How to Write an Acceptance Job Offer Cover Letter for Advertising Jobs

An acceptance job offer cover letter is written to convey the message to the employer that you are accepting their job offer. You have already put in efforts to draft cover letter and resume, and cleared the interview round, now you are just few steps away from your desired job. Hence, you need to make sure that you draft a well-written professional acceptance cover letter. You can even refer some example acceptance job offer cover letter as guideline. We have provided some steps below that will help you to understand how to write an acceptance job offer cover letter for advertising jobs:

Keep it professional: Even though the company has offered you a job and you have cleared all the interview rounds, you must take precautions to not create a bad impression on the employer. Make use of professional language and keep the formatting simple. e.

Simple formatting: The acceptance job offer cover letter should be left indented. You should use professional fonts such arial, times new roman, tahoma or calibri. Using fancy font styles must be avoided.

Mention appropriate address details: The senders contact details should be mentioned, then the current date, followed by the employers contact details. Make sure that you are sending the letter to the appropriate person, so that employer becomes aware about your job acceptance.

Introduction: In the introduction section of your cover letter, let the employer know that you are happy to accept their job offer. You also need to provide information about the exact designation and the department you are joining. For example: To accept job offer for the post of advertising manager, mention that you are accepting the job offer for the post of advertising manager in the advertising department.

Body: The body of the letter, you should include details such as the salary offered to you, date of joining and other details that the employer has asked for.

Conclusion: When you are concluding the letter thank the employer for their consideration. Also let the employer know that you will be pleased to apply your skills and expertise to the new company.

Use professional salutation: Use regards, sincerely to conclude the letter, mention your name and sign in the space above your name.

You can easily draft a well-written advertising cover letter by making use of the points provided above. You may even refer some advertising sample cover letters to help you draft a cover letter. You can find several free advertising cover letters that are well-drafted as per different advertising job profiles.

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