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Atlanta Web Design-how Can You Improve Your Business Through Online Advertising

Atlanta is deemed an ealpha cityi because of its growing economy. No doubt that Atlanta got its position as the 15th place in economically-developed cities globally. This goes to show that many business here are continuing to prosper. Meaning, in order for any company to survive and stay alive in the game, it must have effective marketing methods. If you’re not contented about the financial standing of your firm, then perhaps you need some help from the excellent services of Atlanta Web Development companies.

Businesses today think about the usage of technology as an effective way to promote or advertise their products and services online. Still, one should be mindful that you can only promote your business online if you have your own site. Atlanta Web Design companies are there to aid you if you would like your company to have its own website. You’ll find many ways in improving your company with the aid of experienced pros in this field. First, through the use of Atlanta WordPress, these professionals will help you come up with a perfect logo that reflects the brand and services your business gives. Among the Web Design Atlanta firms that may help you make ilogos that speak for themselvesi is the Beardo Marketing Group.

Aside from that, getting the services of an Atlanta Web Design company will assist you in having a site that is well-defined and extensive for your company. This can be quickly to achieve with the help of Atlanta WordPress. The Beardo Marketing Group is still soaring high in this industry due to its ability in offering top-of-the-line small business web design. As a matter of fact, this firm is the secret weapon among many successful businesses in Atlanta along with other places. Among the numerous business that were assisted are Rob Carman, Gandolfois, The Butcheris Son, and Granite Radiance.

Whatis great about Beardo Marketing Group is that their web designers and developers are well adept in producing mobile responsive designs. In making a mobile responsive design, the web developers will make a layout wherein the contents of a webpage will fit to the size of the screen that a person is using. The websiteis images and texts will remain readable even if the individuals are only using smart phones. Regardless of the size and resolution of the devices the clients are using, business owners can still advertise their products and services clearly, which is why these mobile responsive designs are actually beneficial.

The Beardo Marketing Group is a specialist in providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services as well other than small business web design. Efficient SEO techniques help your web page become more visible online. With an increase in visibility, you get to expect that more people will be seeing your site, increasing your chance to gain sales. Aside from that, this firm can maximize the use of Google Plus and Google Places. The Beardo Marketing Group is able to give you all of these services with the most affordable price. To have a better understanding about their services, take some time visiting theiorofficial website – .

Advertising Sales Director

An Advertising Sales Director develops, decides, implements, regulates and manages the advertising strategy of a company, both from the business and sales point of view. Is is the job of an advertising sales director to make future projections, forecasts and budgets for advertising related to sales. Advertising directors often work in harmony with marketing and public relations department. They develop and manage various strategies relating to the promotion and advertising of a product or service.

They negotiate agreements related to the same with various sales representatives and promotional agencies. They are responsible mainly for the placement of ads and managing the development and promotion of sales materials. They focus on efficient management of advertising sales representatives to carry out the promotional work smoothly.

The advertising director is responsible for overall promotion efforts and endeavors. He may oversee creative staff as well as account executives, from media directors to sales representatives. The director may employ the use of various media resources for his advertisement ventures such as internet, television, radio, hoardings and other growing number of media applications. They generally hold a bachelor’s degree in advertising, journalism, media studies, marketing, mass-communication or related areas.

An Advertising Sales Director is required to be efficient in handling public relations human resource management. He should be efficient and self-motivated with good presentation skills. An ideal sales director should be creative and imaginative to generate new concepts and ideas, good written expression, written and verbal comprehension and work efficiently in a team. Advertising Director Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities of a Advertising Sales Director include the following

Design and develop a brand image and recognition for customers’ products or services.

Develop and direct advertising campaign to create brand name and awareness among consumers.

Create and implement strategies for promote sales of products and services.

Work with creative teams to implement brand building and promoting strategies.

Make forecasts, budgets and future projections to manage cost effectively.

Conduct team meetings at regular intervals to ensure smooth advertising campaign for the client.

Conduct meetings with clients to know specifications and convey the same to creative heads.

Handle projects and deliver the requirements of clients within deadlines.

Monitor every aspect of advertising campaign till the completion.

Most advertising directors do no enter the workforce at the executive level. They have to work their way up through the ranks of the advertising world to the director level. Some even start off as advertising sales agents, assistants, market researchers or analysts and gradually work they way up to the position of an accounts executive or advertising manager before reaching the director level.

Classified Newspaper Advertising Ensures Paramount Reach In Small Expenditure

There is a format of advertising that ensures mass reach and utmost response even in your tight budget. You do not need to puzzle yourself with this magnificent format as the answer is here. It is the format of newspaper classified advertising that transfers your advertising message without caring about any boundaries. The popularity of newspaper classified advertising can be estimated from the fact that newspaper earns large chunk of profit from it.

Now, you must be wondering that why in this internet age, you should invest on classified advertising in newspaper. There is a very straightforward answer for this; the authenticity of newspaper is unsurpassed. Omnipresence of this mass medium is main ruling factor behind the popularity of newspaper classified advertising. Whether, you want to advertise your product or service, convey any personal message, public or legal announcement, classified ads in newspaper serves all purposes. Name change, Lost found, property, recruitment, business, services and public notice, matrimony are main categories of these ads.

The appearance of classified ads is very ordinary but still they prove mass appealing due to the category wise division. Readers always inquire in their concerned category of classified ad. It helps in standing apart each ad from others. To give classified ads in newspaper is most affordable method of advertising. Although, per line and word may cause variation in cost. If you want quick attention and enhanced response of readers, then you are suggested to apply highlighters.

There are many factors that work as the hidden force behind the success of your classified ad in newspaper. A comprehensive media plan is necessary that comprises selection of appropriate brand of newspaper and editions. A particular format is followed for classified advertising. Times of India, Hindustan (Hindi), Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran is some of the leading names that are most preferred for classified advertising.

The time has gone when people have ample time to take multiple rounds of newspaper offices to complete the booking process of classified advertisement. It is time to get benefitted from technology and leverage from online booking process of classified ads. Through this process, you can book your ad in multiple editions in few clicks and least time.

So, adopt the method of classified newspaper advertising if you want to reach maximum people in minimum budget. Now, you can book these ads anytime and from anywhere due to the facility of online booking of these ads.

Bringing More New Customers To Your Restaurant

When I ask the following question to restaurateurs:

What’s their biggest challenge as a restaurateur?

This is the number one answer from a significant number of restaurateurs every month:

“To bring new customers to my restaurant.”

It looks like a logical answer, doesn’t? Who doesn’t want to have lots of new people walking through your door? However, if I continued to my manage my restaurant – and after learning a lot in the last years about marketing – my wish would probably be different. It would be something like:

“I want my existing clients to come back to my restaurant over and over.”

Does that mean I don’t want new customers? Of course I do, new customers are new opportunities to convert into repeated clients, but targeting your marketing efforts towards getting new clients shouldn’t make up the bulk of yourexpenses orefforts. So what do you need to do?

I will explain to you by presenting a hypotheticalexercise:

Let’s imagine that we have two restaurants with similar capacity.We will call them Restaurant A and Restaurant B.

For the sake of simplicity we assume the following parameters are common to both restaurants:

* The average price per meal is $25 * The profitmarginper meal is $10 * The marketing investment for both is $5,000

Now the differences are:

Restaurant A invests all the $5,000 in bringing in new customers. They invest the money in a very successfulcampaignand create direct mailing, discount coupons, etc.

When the $5,000 marketing dollars are over, they brought to their restaurant 1,000 new customers. Pretty good, eh? Five dollars per customers is an extremely small investment towards bringing in new clients.

Restaurant B does things differently. They spend the same amount of money ($5,000) but instead of expending the entire amount focusing on bringing new clients via advertising, they decide to invest all the money in their existing clients to bring them back over and over.

They will also give themincentives for their friends and family members so that they can also come in and try their restaurant.

Who do you think will do better? Let’s do some numbers.

Restaurant A invested $5,000 and brought 1,000 people who will give a profit of $10 each so they made a total of $10,000 profit or a 50% return of investment. Not bad.

Restaurant B focused instead on bringing back their existing customers via a formalized referral system. They gave 100 of their best clients four gift certificates: one for them to come back again and three others to give to their friends and family members so that they can try your restaurant for themselves. These giftcertificatesgive them 50% off of their entire meal.

Now, remember, an average meal only cost Restaurant B $15 since the other $10 is profit as we mentioned before. Even when you offer a 50% discount, it will only cost you $7.50 per meal.

Also, when you give somebody a gift certificate, chances are that they won’t come to your place alone. Most likely they will bring some company to enjoy their meals with. Let’s assume that for each $12.50 (50% of the price of the average meal) that you give away, you bring back two people. Now, your cost is $3.75 for each. Wow! It’s even better than the initial investment. But that’s not all, three things are also happening here:

If the people don’t use the gift certificates when they dine, you’re not losing any money, making this investment a sure thing (versus spending money on advertising that can’t guarantee you any results).

New visitors will come predisposed to like your place; after all, your restaurant has been recommended by a source that they trust more than any other restaurant review – their friends or family members who gave them your gift certificate in the first place.

If your restaurant offers great food and service, they’ll likely come back again since they felt that not only did they get a good deal because of the discount, but you can also give them a gift certificate for themselves plus three extra for their friends to try your place. This is called viral marketing since they are spreading the word about your place.

Do you see how this goes? You can invest a lot of money to bring new people to your place that may never come back, or you can spend less money to create a referral system that will bring people wanting to eat at your place, and with a solid predisposition to having a great time.

These techniques will, if you stick to your system, bring in new repeat clients and also will establish a referral system for you and your place.

In these times of economic crisis, every single marketing dollar that you spend needs to be leveraged to bring you the maximum amount of profit. Be wise and think strategically before spending your hard earned money.

Happy sailing

Find Best Advertising Institutes In India

Advertising is a type of communication done through various media by industries, non profit organizations, business firms, individuals etc. Advertising actually informs and educates target audiences about a particular brand or service and influence them.

The job in advertising requires researching the client products and services, identifying the USP, briefing the team, coordinating with team and client, understanding the audience and delivering the best.

Advertising is one of the most important tools of marketing. People who are creative by nature can find advertising as their dream job. Today there is huge range of products and services in India. So advertising companies are hiring professionals to balance with the growing need.
There are professional training advertising institutes in India that offer diploma courses in advertising. Every company, organization use advertisement to promote their brand. Advertising job demands for qualifications and one can find a range of degrees and diploma courses available on journalism, mass communications and even public relations in advertisement.
Different types of advertising courses are offered in advertising institutes to cater to the specific needs of the field. The most popular among them are Diploma in Advertising, Diploma in Advertising & Communication Management, Diploma in Advertising & Marketing, and Diploma in Commercial Arts & Advertising. Some of the Advertising institutes offer Post Graduate Diplomas like PG Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communication and PG Diploma in Public Relations & Advertising. Certificate courses of different duration are also available in this field.
The institutes offering the course are Futuristix Media Communication Centre, Sadhna Academy For Media Studies, Atharva School of Business, National Institute of Event Management, Delhi Film Institute, Genesis Institute of Business Management, Mass Co Media, Gecko Animation Institute, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, National Institute of Creative Communication etc.
As the communication and marketing technologies are growing, the advertising career is also growing. In return, it is opening vast opportunities for the talented advertising professionals. One can find job in Television, Newspaper, Websites, Radio etc.
In India, a career in advertising is booming. Advertising jobs have become quite popular. Youths having the desire to do something different are thronging the world of advertising today. Not just in India, but this career is highly in demand internationally.

To make an effective advertisement, the advertising personnel has to become a bridge between the customer group, the owner and the media in which the advertisement is to be featured.

Advertising With Custom Made T Shirts Can Really Help Your Business

There is something about t-shirts that everybody loves. Whether it is to show support for your favorite sport team or your favorite band or a funny movie quote, people never get tired of wearing t-shirts. T-shirts are great, but they are much more than just comfortable lounge wear. They make a great advertising tool.

Advertising doesn’t have to be on a grand scale with crazy commercials during the Super Bowl halftime show. An advertising campaign doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars for a thirty second spot. It can be done much more effectively and much less expensively for a local market with a few key steps. One of the best tools for small and medium sized businesses, as well as larger businesses is the giveaway. You don’t have to give away a new car or a dream home; it can be small things that people use every day. Things like lunch coolers and umbrellas and pens, but what people love more than anything else are shirts.

T-shirts are the most popular by far for giveaways. You could do a lot worse that giving away a t-shirt, but you can’t do much better. What works so well is that people do the advertising for you. While a billboard or a sign requires people to move by it and to look at it, a t-shirt campaign is led by the wearers. The people that are wearing the shirts are effectively walking billboards, moving around town and getting in front of many more people than you could hope to reach on your own.

The other benefit to a t-shirt advertising campaign is that is fairly inexpensive. T-shirts do not cost much to produce and because there is no shelf life or expiration date to a t-shirt, you don’t have to worry about them going bad. They store for a long time and are well received by most everybody. People love to wear t-shirts because they are comfortable and stylish, but people also love free stuff even more.

You can’t beat free and even if it is not the coolest looking shirt or they don’t know what it really is, they will wear it because it is a t-shirt and walk around town letting people who may need your service see the shirt. If you come up with something catchy or witty, that is even better because the more people that want to wear the shirt, the better.

Impact of advertising images

Around the world, over the ages, there have been millions and millions of advertisements. Several of them have been good and several have been bad. Moreover, few advertisements have been exceptionally successful, while some have failed to hit the minds of the target audiences. And then there are some advertisements which have good content but still failed to create an impact because of inappropriate image. Generally, if you are working on all kind of advertisements, then you might face a problem of choosing correct advertising images.

Advertising images amuses a number of human emotions and feelings. Moreover these images also please their wishes and desires. They act as a booster to various different kinds of human behaviours, especially the consumer behaviour. Furthermore, when you put on these images on your flashy websites, glossy magazines or other content, the strike right on the brains of he consumers and easily communicates the message of your advertisement. An advertisement is able to force home a point through the images.

Advertising images have largely trapped various needs and desires of human beings. For instance, a young girl who wants to make her lovely hair look shiny and vivacious is likely to fall for the shampoo advertisement which shows the image of her favourite model with long flowing hair, because she wants to look equally beautiful. On the other hand, a young boy who shouts “Pepsi”, when asked what he would like to drink, is most likely remembering those flashy red and blue colours of the brand image, and the image of his favourite sportsman who are endorsing the same.

There are few guidelines which will help you to pick up advertising images.

While searching for advertising images, create specific criteria in your mind so that it helps you in narrowing you search. Furthermore, figure out what you are exactly looking for to save your time and efforts

The appeal of the image also plays a significant role. You may have to crop, resize or edit the image. Make sure you will have enough resolution to display a clear, crisp image.

Take your time to search the images. However, most of the designers and advertisers lock up their research to the galleries of various search engines only. So, they generally end up in selecting an inappropriate image for their advertisements. Therefore, it is always suggested not to restrict your search to the first few pages of the image galleries, rather emphasize in increasing your research.

Always think about the context and background of the image. Dont just select the one that looks best. Think about how it will look in your ad websites or magazines and how the text will complement it. Be suggestive in your opinion as you want the best images for your advertisement.

Finally, you require buying your selected advertising images. Mostly, these online websites are user friendly so you can simply shop for the varieties of images. You do not need worrying about the royalty of images as you can easily expand a supply of royalty-free images on these websites.

The Create Money Online Guide To Affiliate Advertising

If you have just published a website, you will have realised that traffic and visitors do not just arrive by magic! There are several ways to start attracting visitors to your site, unfortunately most of them involve money, but one traffic generation method can be implemented for free.

(D) SEO: All the work you do in your Facebook marketing will have implications for your search engine optimisation. If you drive targeted traffic to the targeted landing pages on your website, your bounce rate will be lower and your trust rank will be higher. More on improving search engine rankings through social media marketing in the next post!

CPM: Cost Per Milli is the cost of one thousand impressions. This is an alternative way to buy advertisements in PPC. As opposed to paying per click (CPC), you may chose to pay for every thousand advertisements displayed regardless of if they are clicked on or not.

Listen: Don’t get hung up over ‘old’ or ‘unwanted’ links. Just manage your link strategy making sure you regularly add the highest quality backlinks you can. Over time, these good links will outweigh any old/bad links and it’s the good links that build your Goldmine.

Think of your audience. For example, you sell plastic caterpillars. All shapes, sizes and colours of plastic caterpillars. However, you noticed whilst doing your keyword research that ‘wooden caterpillars’ is a highly searched for term. You pile all your resources into optimising your site for the term ‘wooden caterpillars’ and manage to get to position 1 on Google. The traffic increase is great, but any customer that comes to your site expecting to be able to purchase wooden caterpillars is going to be disappointed. You may sell the odd plastic caterpillar to the desperate few, but you are unlikely to sell very many. Your website content and SEO strategy needs to closely match the expectations of your customers.

Neat and clean website layout. The web design is very important as it has to appeal to the reader. Only then can you keep the user engaged to your site. The more the traffic, the much better is your page rank.

Search Engine Marketing is the new buzz phrase. Engaging customers on a personal level – blogs, vlogs, social media, it was all there before, but now people are beginning to understand the merits of using networking sites like Twitter (which we’ll look at a little later) to promote your business to the world.

Links are good. Links with relevant but varied link text are great. offsite links Links from relevant *sites* are better. What’s more likely to show the search engines that your page is highly relevant to the term “home improvement plumbing?” A link from “Bob’s web directory,” a link from my blog or a link from the plumbing section of or Wikipedia? You shouldn’t need to think too hard about this!

This is two fantastic ways to make search results money online and I know it works as I do it everyday and can earn $1000/day easily as I outsource most of the work so I’m able to scale it up. Good luck.

Defining Unethical Practices In Advertising

Ethics in advertising can sometimes be borderline between what is right or wrong. There are rules and guidelines in place for the advertising companies to follow so they don’t upset or offend any viewers. But, what is as unethical advertising? Well, using advertising in a way that is misleading and uses false claims to get the public to buy the product they are trying to sell is unethical, because of its misuse of the information that is presented to the public. This article will show what is seemed to be unethical in advertising.

Ads that are used in the political realm can sometimes be misleading and use false information or bend the truth to get the public to sway their votes towards them. An ad in the campaign for the election between McCain and Obama used an ad with misleading information. Such as, saying that a developer received $20 million in tax payers money, but the truth was there was no money received. This can be considered unethical as they are giving false information to the public, which is done a lot in political advertisement.

An advertisement that is made should be able to identify what the targeted audience is. But, sometimes this is not always done. When advertising towards children it should be clear what the product is and what is for. As children can sometime misrepresent and not quite understand what the ad is saying, especially under the age of 12. However, some might say that it is unethical to target children under the age of 12 as, they may not understand what an ad is and view it in a way that they are not supposed to. However advertisement is constantly been shown for children like in campaigns for beverages and food in posters at schools and some debate if advertising in schools is unethical.

Just like advertisements in commercial or billboards, the internet has its own issues in advertising as well. As they can sometimes promote untrue claims and when this happens it can have a negative impact on their product and brand. There are ethical guidelines for problematic ads that can look an article, on the internet. Those ads can be misinterpreted with editorial content needs to be labeled, that is an advertisement. Otherwise it unethical when this isn’t displayed. Using advertising in this way is misleading and it shows that view the consumer as naive, which is unethical.

By not putting the right amount of information makes the public believe something in a different way because of what has been said. This may lead them into a wrong direction and buying a product that is not right for them.

Using out right lies in advertising is part of unethical advertising and doesn’t follow the guideline practices that they have to follow when demonstrating a product to the consumer. Lying about what the product, gives false information and makes them believe that something is true when it is not. Which should be avoided in advertising as it will eventually give them a bad reputation, because of its misuse of information.

Indian Advertising Agency

The endless scope for packaging any product through a very attractive manner by unleashing the most innovative of advertising concepts has been the single most inspiring factor for the growth of the advertising industry. With companies dealing in various kinds of business making a beeline for popular agencies offering their business intelligence in advertising, the growth has reached new horizons.
In India, the scope for advertising has progressed considerably with big names dealing in various businesses coming forward to showcase their specialties through advertising. In fact, a lot of capital and expertise goes on to the industry to make it a viable pasture for grazing. There is stiff competition in the industry and the existence is very tough. Pitch is one such Indian advertising agency, which offers its advertising intelligence for various companies dealing in various products and services. An Indian advertising agency has to take a lot of factors into consideration taking care not to cross the line of discomfort for the consumers. For an Indian advertising agency, Pitch has emerged as a very progressive agency providing quality-based service to various companies on the Internet.
Besides showing its presence on the online advertising scenario, Pitch also comes up with regular issues on print. With the presence of various competitors in this field, Pitch has managed to retain a position of impressive reputation and popularity. The agency offers a wide range of services that have been highlighted on its website. The website displays these services elaborately for prospective clients to make a broad based research on. The website of this Indian advertising agency highlights features on the latest market trends and news, takes interviews of prominent business personalities, takes a journey through some popular brands, gives reviews of business related books, highlights on some newly released advertising campaigns, and so on. This uniqueness of the agency acts as one of the biggest advantage to contribute for its reputation and popularity. The absence of such features on the websites of the rival agencies goes a long way in separating it from them in terms of quality and innovativeness. Advertising agencies in India have come a long way to create a quintessential arena for the experimentation of business houses not only from India, but from other countries as well.