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Strategies You Can Use That Will Help With Free Advertising And Promoting

We live in a world where advertising is the most important factor when it comes to having a successful business. We are forever bound by advertising; no matter where we look there are adverts everywhere. While traveling by car there are billboards, on the bus, train or tram we find adverts on the sides and when walking or biking you can see them a long bus stops pathways and even on buildings. You are also guaranteed to find adverts on the television, radio and magazines. These are generally seen as the most effective ways of gaining peoples attention and these methods have been used for many years. Although I have mentioned many ways of advertising, there is one that I have not yet discussed. The power and popularity of online advertising has increased as time has progressed. The development of the internet and technology has turned everyone towards the World Wide Web. This article will talk about the free ways that you can use to promote your business online.

So we have begun by talking generally about advertising. Advertising, marketing and promoting is a strategy used by most businesses to pull in sales and attract customers. This therefore will increase sales and profit margins, ensuring that a company always stays running. It is very important because it is the only way to draw in the sales that is needed. Without advertising, no business can be generated.

There are many free ways that you can utilize when promoting your online business, shop, website, brand, products or services. You can more or less advertise anything you like, even if it just a shop on the corner or a large network of websites, and you can also do it for free! The benefits of free advertising are that you do not have to spend any money; you can generally start to promote your business when you have just started up and that free advertising can be one of the most effective ways to draw in customers. Below are some strategies and ways you can advertise for free.

-Using Social Networking Sites

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more websites alike are great to use. They are free to sign up to and you can make them business focused. Keep your customers engaged by regularly updating a fan page and a business page with offers, information and key facts about your niche. This is a great way to engage with your target market. Create pages, talk to people build relationships and become a regular spot for people to visit you.


Blogging is also good for engaging your customers. Writing about your businesses, websites, products, brands or services regularly so that they always remain up to date with you and know what is happening. You can also use it for promotions and find out how your customers feel about the service you provide by allowing a commenting process.

-Free Advertising and Classified Advertising Websites

These are great to place your business or website in. most people nowadays use the internet to find whatever they need from local plumbers right down to making money at home. By placing your listing or business to these sites you can make it more well-known and therefore having more of a chance to pull in sales.

-Networking and Talking to People

This is definitely one of the most effective ways of free advertising. Talking to people is always free and always available! All you have to do is be able to communicate and talk about your business in a positive way and sell your products. There are many free networking events that are local to your area, or simply just go out and talk to individuals who may be interested in your services. Using all these free advertising strategies that will help your business in many ways such as driving traffic/sales, increasing profit levels and getting new customers.

The Fun Of Selling Big Ticket Items!

You can make some money selling ebooks that earn you $30 per sale. Many people do. But if you want to make any REAL money, if you want to retire young, thats better done by selling big ticket items – things that earn you from $500 – $2,000 per sale.

Now, I know what youre thinking. Expensive items are too hard to sell. Its better to sell inexpensive impulse purchase items. But thats not true. You just have to use the correct SYSTEM to sell Big Ticket items. But Ill get into that later. First I want to talk about the one HUGE advantage of selling Big Ticket items.


Free advertising is fine, but the more money you spend on advertising, the more qualified hits you will receive, and the more sales you will make. And with Big Tickets you can spend more money!

Google AdWords PPC works well to get qualified leads to your site. But it can be a little expensive. Lets say that youve gotten your PPC costs down to about $.75 per click (It used to be five cents a click, but not anymore!), and youre selling something that earns you $30 per sale. If you have an average conversion rate of 2%, which is pretty good, then you must purchase 50 clicks to get one sale. Fifty clicks will cost you $37.50. Thats $7.50 MORE than the profit you earn from the sale. OBVIOUSLY, THAT DOESNT WORK! If you work really diligently to raise your conversion rate to 5%, which is much higher than most people ever achieve, you will need twenty clicks to make one sale. Twenty clicks will cost you $15. Well, that works. Youve made a profit – but not much. Youve lost fully HALF of your profits to advertising expense. You might make a living, but you cant retire soon on that!

Now lets look at selling a Big Ticket item – something that sells for $2,000 and earns you $1,000 per sale. The same 2% conversion rate that we used above will still cost you $37.50 for one sale, but earns you $1,000. Does THAT WORK for you? I think so! Now, lets suppose you have a low conversion rate of only .5%. You would have to buy 200 clicks to make one sale, which costs $150. That still works. Now lets drop your conversion rate down to an abysmal .2%. You now need 500 clicks costing $375 to make ONE SALE and earn $1,000. It STILL works. What if you had to spend $375 to make one sale that earned you only $30? Fugetabodit!

I could keep going with the numerical examples, but I think you get the point. With Big Ticket items, you can spend hundreds of dollars MORE on advertising to get one sale if you have to, and then you STILL earn hundreds of dollars MORE for each sale that you make!

Its the same for ezine solo ads. If you spent $75 on one ezine solo ad and made 3 sales at $30 each, youve made $15 net. But 3 sales at $1,000 each will earn you $2,925 net! Which would you rather do? Let me think.

When Selling Big Ticket items, it makes financial sense to do many more types of more expensive paid advertising that JUST DIDNT MAKE SENSE when selling $30 ebooks! And Paid advertising is what brings in the MOST CONSISTANT LEADS.


Expensive items, especially online, are NOT impulse items. People need time to think about making an expensive purchase. In fact, 80% will NOT buy within the first 60 days. So in order to sell an expensive item, you must stay in front of their face for at least 60 days. Heres the basic set-up.

You create a landing page/sales letter that explains your item in depth. Then, on the front end, you sell an inexpensive ($30?) introductory offer, or give away a free report, or anything you can do that will COMPEL them to give you their email address to add to your newsletter. Then you send them an email every several days that is filled with REAL additional CONTENT about whatever your topic is. You are now building a RELATIONSHIP with them, and it wont take long for them to start seeing you as an expert in your field. At that point, upselling them to your back-end $2,000 product (which earns you $1,000) is the next logical step. Many of them WILL buy from you if you take these steps, and have a little patience.

I tried for a long time to make money on the internet, and I usually barely broke even – until I finally understood the importance of selling expensive products. Now, the Big Ticket sales are rolling in, and so is the cash! Understanding this one concept – Sell Big
Ticket Items for Maximum Profit – changed my life forever!

After I learned about this, I sudden realized that I had been the product, if you will, of this very strategy. You see, I wanted to get into real estate investing. I found the site of one of the biggest real estate gurus online. He had five-day real estate seminars that cost $4,000. I REALLY wanted to go to his seminar, but there was NO WAY I could justify spending that kind of money! So instead, I bought his (up-front) $39 home study course.

The course was 6 tapes and a workbook. I devoured that course. I listened to the tapes eight or nine times in a row. Every time I was driving, I was listening to his tapes. I practically had them memorized. They were really excellent, but they only gave me about 80% of what I needed to get started buying houses nothing down.

But I was also on his email list, and I constantly got tips from him about real estate investing, which was priming me to purchase his back-end product – I just didnt realize it at the time. Finally, about six months later, because he had built a RELATIONSHIP with me through his emails, and I NOW SAW HIM AS THE EXPERT in real estate, I purchased my first seminar from him for $4,000. That began it for me. Over the next few years I spent approximately $80,000 on real estate seminars and training courses from him and other gurus! Was it worth the money I spent? Absolutely! The house Im living in now, the seller GAVE to me. In fact, he paid ME $15,000 at closing to take it
off his hands!

But I digress. The point is, this guru used the same tactics Im discussing here to get me to buy a $4,000 seminar that I NEVER would have purchased from his website alone if he hadnt established himself as an expert AND developed a RELATIONSHIP with me through his mailings.

There are thousands of affiliate programs on the internet, but most of them sell $30 items. If you dont have your own products, then you need to find an affiliate program that (1) sells Big Ticket items on the back-end and (2) has a completely automated email follow-up system that makes the back-end sale for you.

Going After Your Competition Can Only Do So Much

Let us face it. We are often spending too much time worrying about our competition and what they are doing to outbid us. In fact, I have seen this happening with many business owners like me and end up having spent most of their time trying to outdo their competition that they end up doing nothing else but that.

This is not only true to a few, but many companies are actually guilty of this.

When we are in business, we would often see others who would be running many deals, offering better coupons, producing more outrageous collaterals such as brochure printing, and even doing and offering everything they could just so they get ahead of us. And what do we do? We follow suit. We would offer the same deals, print brochures that of the same quality, offer the same discounts. We would always want to be similar if not do one better than the Joneses. In fact, we would simply stop whatever we are doing just so we can basically stoop to their level. Despite us having better products and services, more skilled employees and better customer relations.

And what do we get for our efforts? It made our own customers wait for us to level with the competition, and in the process make them shop for their needs. It definitely increased our marketing costs because we are trying to outdo our competition. And worse, it decreased the impact we have on our customers to bring better benefits because we are now at a level of our competition. All of these things would eventually make a big impact on our profits for the worse.

By worrying too much and trying to copy what our competition is doing, we are doing more harm than good to our business. Instead of being proactive in looking for ways to be different and unique so that we would stand out, we often find ourselves at the same level with our competition. We lose our chance of becoming leaders in the industry. And we just become like the other businesses, nothing more.

Which leads us to my point: being reactive to what the competition is doing is good. But too often, it only leads us to becoming less than what we can achieve for our business. It actually keeps us from growing and becoming more important in the eyes of our customers.

The bottom line to this is this yes, you need to have an eye on your competition. But not too much that you forget to become a unique and better business for your customers.

Do not let the things that your competition is doing drive your decisions. Do everything you can to improve on your business without having to base it on your competition. You will definitely see a marked difference in your bottom line.

Advantages Of Point Of Purchase Advertising

Point of Sale signs serve several strategic advantages to the retail store owner. When you take advantage of retail displays in your business, you can promote pricing specials to visitors which they could not have known about, and you can entice customers to make impulse purchases.

The main benefit of point of purchase displays is that the guest is already shopping and would be more likely to purchase on a whim. It can be easier to persuade a purchase decision when the shopper is currently in a purchasing mindset, than it can be to attempt to get the shopper to read your advertisement in the paper and drive to your store. Vivid and eye-catching retail displays are sometimes great at pulling in tons money from shoppers that are currently getting goods from your business.

One other advantage of point of purchase displays is that they develop a mindset in potential shoppers that they must come to your store to discover the specials you have to offer. You might insert all of your pricing specials in your newspaper ads, however potential shoppers will frequently browse the adverts and miss good deals. With a point of purchase display, you can enforce that in order to find out what is really on sale, they need to visit your store.

Business owners can also employ in-store displays to drive guests to a section of the store which features other deals also. Insert other retail displays near your products to get customers interested in the other bargains you currently provide. Using the point of purchase display as a lure is a great way to get customer traffic moving towards the parts of your store that could use more visits.

There are several benefits to using retail signage. Make certain to use them strategically, and keep the bigger displays away from one another to build their effectiveness.

StudAds is the latest in CPC contextual advertising Advertiser Review is the latest in CPC contextual advertising. the only one that lets advertisers pay per click, as low as only $0.01. It’s perfect for reaching any and all ages of audiences and paying only what you want or can afford. is a CPC contextual advertising network. You pay only when the text ads or graphical banner ads are clicked. is so easy to use, you can be online almost immediately. You create your first ad and submit it with the Advertiser sign up form. What you spend is totally under your own control. Your budget is your own creation. You set how much you want to spend on a daily basis and what you want to pay per click. does not require any time commitment either. There is no long or short term contract or specific time requirement. just asks that you fund your account with a minimum of $10, but then you decide how long that deposit lasts. Your ads will start appearing on the same day, on a page that the system matches up with related content. It is all very fast and efficient.

If your ads are up but not getting impressions, there are a few things to check: First you need to make sure you either listed a current or future date or no date for your campaign. And second, you need to make sure your minimum CPC bid is equal to or higher than other advertisers. advertising will show you a recommended CPC, then you can use that or higher. The higher you go, the more frequently your ads will appear To ensure you get clicks in addition to impressions, make sure your ads address the right crowd and are easy to read. You can also add images as well that will really make your ads stand out. To maximize your campaign, you can insert your affiliate links too. You can even just promote affiliate links without having your own site. is a great place to promote things like Clickbank, Commission Junction or other similar affiliates. The affiliates can be any related content. wants to protect your account too. They use a high tech system that monitors clicks to make sure they are real and unique and not artificially generated. It filters out invalid or fraudulent checks and its also monitored by real people so it’s dual protection.

If you have any questions or comments at any time, the people behind can be reached through their Contact Us page and they will get back to you as quickly as they can ascertain the right answers to your questions or issues. is the best way to reach a wide audience base while staying within your budget and getting a high quality, secure service.

Marketing Network .

Video advertising- a trend into the future in internet marketing

Advertising with video is prevalent online marketing strategy for small businesses nowadays. It’s an extremely effective device to incorporate in your business marketing plan. It serves an effective believability developing device for ones brand name or concept. Because most videos could have a presenter who’ll discuss the merchandise, company or perhaps a service, audiences can establish reputation, in most cases leads to trusting the products, company or service being promoted. Possessing trustworthiness is essential as people today have a tendency to choose companies, products or somebody that has established credibility. It results in the advertising value and draws in much more clientele.

Video Marketing provides more effective advertising tools to businesses and business owners. The greatest objective of including video in you advertising campaign is to improve product sales, other objectives consist of communicating merchandise facts, ranking a product or service, adding value, and maintaining sales volume. Entrepreneurs must establish the advertising blend, which would be the blend of tools to accomplish marketing goals. Options consist of promoting, individual product demo, sales promotion offers, publicity and publicity enhancement.

Video marketing will incorporate a vibrant component to your company simply because it’s flexible and you could consider new strategies. It’s regarded as among the extremely smart solutions to getting the interest of the prospects. When used properly, marketing with video can considerably improve your prospects and product sales . It will raise the quantity of your closes. Why? There is absolutely no other technique as effective as marketing with video with regards to responding to all of the numerous needs of your prospective customers. Regardless of whether your prospective client reacts better to oral or visible insight, video offers all of it simultaneously.

By utilizing the appropriate video marketing technique you’ll find your self distributed rapidly on the internet. This can raise the probabilities you’ve of earning product sales, and enhance your brand name acknowledgement effortlessly and at low costs.. It promotes extraordinary growth. Large businesses utilize marketing with video to advertise their products and services and is particularly fast-becoming the most effective methods Online marketers use to advertise their products and services. Video marketing is very important to web-based businesses attempting to connect efficiently their services or products.

It is an efficient method of advertising businesses and spreading info to an incredible number of audiences. It is deemed an forthcoming technologies that can help you earn one’s heart of consumer by spreading details rapidly. Numerous small company entrepreneurs frequently don’t realize such a totally free video sharing website for example Youtube provides. Whenever you register using their services, you’re provided an account or sales channel that is basically a mini-website which supplies a chance to effortlessly publish your videos. It helps your site ‘ranking ‘ and web page outcomes on the internet, Google and all sorts of other search engines like yahoo.

Possessing your small business can be extremely enjoyable and satisfying, nevertheless it’s really a large amount of effort and discouraging as well. Most time this aggravation originates from lacking sufficient prospects, not generating adequate product sales and then owning income difficulties. Being a informed small company owner and entrepreneur, you have got to make use of each and every low-cost advertising tool as part of your strategy. And the very best and powerful, new advertising tool is Internet Video. Video marketing continues to be an evergrowing discipline so it’s about time to make that 1st shift.

Advantages Of Hiring An Advertising Agency

There are many people who want to advertise their new product in the market but they don’t have an idea about the ways of advertising. To launch a new good/service in the market it is very essential to promote the product in a right way to make people aware about the latest launch. Advertisers can make use of an advertising agency to place a new product in the market. Advertising agency is a professional firm that focuses on advertising from every aspect and ensures to place the good/service at a correct place in the market. A fully developed advertising agency has different departments to perform specific functions and some of the agencies even help to produce unique advertisements for the clients. The role of an ad agency is really dynamic because this agency can do all the work from production of an advertisement to placement of the ad.

There are several advantages of using an advertising agency and an advertiser must enroll an efficient agency to get positive results. Some of the advantages of an ad agency are:

Objective: Ad agencies focus on their aims and try to achieve them without any delays. The agencies know about all the techniques of producing the right ad according to the clients needs.

Media availability: Fully developed advertising agencies can even help in arranging media for the promotion of the ad. Agencies even help to negotiate with the media because of their business networks.

Meet dead lines: An advertiser might fail to meet a deadline but an ad agency will never dis satisfy the client. All work is done today and nothing is left for tomorrow in an ad agency.

Professional: Advertising agencies are really professional in their working and make sure that they have well defined target audience to make the message reach the right people at right point of time.

There are several other advantages of adversing agencies that enable an advertiser to spend money on these agencies for bringing positive results. So, if an advertiser wants to place a new product or reinforce the message of existing product then hiring an advertising agency can bring the desired results.

Airport Lounge Advertising

Airport lounge advertising is made available for visitors of airports around the world on account of the airports being one of the most stressful environments in societies around the world. Its not unusual to check into an airport and have to spend lots of time in a crowded, congested and uncomfortable departure lounge. Many times than not, there are hundreds and hundreds of people, if not some thousands of people, surrounded by shops that are advertising prices for things that are totally ridiculous or downright outrageous. It should illegal for people to offer overpriced beverages and snacks under the auspices of airport lounge advertising.

Another form of advertising that many people are unaware of in terms of its description is digital signage advertising. This is a form of advertising that was brought into the limelight on account of the development of brand new technology like TiVo, DVRs and of course the Internet. Advertisers were having so many complications and problems with their sales until they decided to go into conference rooms and devise a plan that would eliminate traditional ways of advertising like television, radio, newspapers and magazines. Out of these meeting and conference came more innovative and state-of-the art methods of advertising and one that stuck out like a sore thumb was digital signage advertising. It has become very popular and can be found in various places around the world. With that in mind, we now visit a city thats no stranger to advertising, the windy city of Chicago.

Have you ever been blown into the Windy City of Chicago? If so, then you should be no stranger to Chicago airport advertising. When visiting or living in the city of Chicago many people have admitted that this is one particular place that could cause a persons heart to skip a beat. Chicago airport advertising has a lot to do with this because of the excitement and adventure one can find inside their airports. Not to mention, when taking off youre soaring over 3,000 feet in the air above the captivating Lake Michigan. Chicagos Midway Airport leads the way in Chicagos airport advertising with historical sites like the immortal American Gothic and Pablo Picassos The Old Guitarist plus the array of Impressionist artwork. This makes Chicago no stranger to dioramic features and displays.

Airport dioramas are said to be 3-dimensional representation which display objects where theyre arranged within a setting and depicts naturalistic appearances against a realistic background, sort of what youll find in a museum. These are the type of airport dioramas one would find in many airports around the world that are captivating and awe-inspiring to children and adults alike. They depict miniature replicas of scenery that reach out and grab you from a display case.

If you want to enjoy things at airports while relaxing in comfort then you dont want to ignore the airport VIP lounge advertising; otherwise, youll miss this opportunity and youll regret it. Why not take advantage of airport VIP lounge advertising by booking an airport lounge? The advertising promises it will make you feel like a real VIP!

How To Leverage Video Commercials For Online Advertising

The goal of commercials is to inform the public about particular products and persuade them to buy these products. Advertising on traditional media is prohibitively expensive, and only large businesses can afford it. TV commercials are still pricey, depending on the time slot (prime time vs. others) and network. Radio commercials are less expensive, but still unaffordable for most businesses. Print ads are cheap if you advertise in local newspapers and niche magazines. However, the downside to print ads is that they do not reach a wide audience.

One of the cheapest ways to spread the word is using the Internet. Besides being cheap, ads on the Internet can reach a wider audience than many newspaper or magazine ads. The biggest advantage of online advertising is that it reaches a highly targeted audience with higher conversion rates than print, television, or radio advertisements.

Until recently, most businesses that advertised online used click ads and inserted banners in relevant web pages but in the last two years, the trend of video ads online has grown many times over. Posting videos online is easy, and in many cases, you are not charged anything for uploading your video. Even posting a video CV online is a method of advertising yourself for the benefit of potential employers.

To be able to leverage the many advantages of online commercials in your favor, you need to understand a few basics.

*Cost – It is a myth that all video ads are expensive to create. Professionals can produce a creative, effective video for as little as $60. Simple ads, with few graphics and a voiceover, can cost as less as $20. For an extra charge, you can script the voiceover yourself and have a logo added to the video. This will make the ad look as if it “belongs” rather than appear like some online commercial.

*Similarity To TV Commercials – These ads are created by people who understand online market dynamics. They are different from TV commercials because they are meant for a highly targeted and impatient audience. If the ad cannot deliver the message in 15 seconds, people will move to another website or webpage.

*Bandwidth Requirements – The commercials will be hosted on an independent site if your website does not have the required bandwidth capacity. If the file is large, or you need more bandwidth, you will be charged extra.

*Production Time – Good internet commercials can be created in 24-48 hours. You can also order a ready ad from websites that sell online advertising capsules. If you want a customized ad, you can place an order for it at the same website.

*Onsite Ad Production – A customer might want the video shot on their premises to showcase their products and services. This might be more expensive. However, it might be a good idea as an informative and will attract a high number of visitors.

Internet videos are the perfect promotional tool for small businesses that do not have a huge advertising budget, yet aim to reach relevant audience through commercials.

Is mobile media a suitable advertising mode for your brand

Will mobile advertising work for your brand? Will an advertising campaign launched through mobile media provide the desired impact and reach (as per your promotional requirement)? These two questions are elaborately discussed in the following paragraphs. Take a look and find out whether mobile media is a suitable advertising mode for your brand or not.

Mobile SMS Advertising means promoting a particular brand or service through a mobile media in the form of a text SMS (short messaging service). A mobile phone is a one of the most personalized possessions of an individual, In other words, a mobile phone is an extension of an individual. One always ensures that his or her mobile phone is always around him or her. While sleeping, watching television, traveling or even partying, a mobile phone always companies an individual. A day without mobile is simply unimaginable in todays world. This increasing rage for mobile phones is a cream of the crop opportunity for brand owners and advertisers to reach out to their customers in a very effective manner.

Through mobile campaigns such as SMS mobile advertising, the advertiser ensures that the customers read the brand message without being missed. Due to hectic schedules, one may fail to read the ad message the moment it beeps inside his or her inbox. However, at the end of the day, he or she would care to check out his inbox and find out who all have sent sms (s) and what for. Well, it is a tricky situation for advertisers to persuade customers to read his brand message. Presenting the message with a striking subject line and keeping the content short, crispy and interesting are two must points for every advertiser while launching a mobile SMS advertising campaign.

If worked out effectively, mobile advertising practices can provide proven promotion solutions for various brands. Besides, internet and mobile phones are considered as the future mediums of brand advertising. Mobile advertising has further an added advantage over internet advertising because of its portability. These days the launch of mobile web has promoted the interest of various mobile advertisers to massively use this advertising device. Infact, if the mobile phone is serving the purpose of a personal computer, why would anyone need to log in separately? Providing two-way benefit to advertisers and customers, mobile media is indeed an effective channel for brand advertising. So, dear brand owners, hesitate not while adopting mobile media to promote your brand amongst your customers.

Internet Advertising has competitive advantage over conventional media- Internet media as an advertising channel has competitive advantage over conventional media. Presenting the brand message through interactive manner, internet advertising provides a rich appeal to customers. Hence, for every brand owner, it is a must to adopt internet advertising tools to promote their brand image. It is again been acclaimed by marketers and experts and internet and mobile- both are the future mediums of advertising. Hence, brand owners who want to accelerate their brand business should adopt internet and mobile advertising media to advertise their brands amongst target customers. After all its a digital world so go for online advertising!