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November 2011
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    I have read in an article that stomach bug is worst than pink eye or the flu. I haven’t had it (thanks God) but, my kids did. Well, I have one that got better, one is getting better and the other one just started. It’s chaotic. My 4- year old just gagged when we went to the Chinese Buffet yesterday, and from there, she didn’t have the appetite to eat. She can’t look at the food without gagging. I thought it’s alright since her gag reflex is always sensitive. Prior to this, my 9 year old missed school the other day because of throwing up. He got better the next day and resumed his eating habit. My little girl on the other hand started to throw up in the car right after we got out of the restaurant. She was throwing up half a day and complaining of belly ache. She didn’t eat anything all day yesterday, had some pedialyte but wasn’t able to hold it down, she had a temperature around 9pm, and after I gave her Tylenol, fever had subsided. Woke up the next morning, still weak but no vomiting which is great. Although she didn’t eat anything all day today, she was drinking water and no vomiting, so now I am not scared of dehydration.

    While my 4 year old is recuperating from her stomach virus, my 5 year old who was so happy when she came home from school, was fighting with her older brother, started to get sick and threw up as well. What the heck is going on in this house? I Lysol-ed everything that they touched, they didn’t eat any food that is expired, our home is habitable and so on and so forth. What is with the stomach bug that people hate to have. I know I can’t share a story since I haven’t had it before. I would have had diarrhea or stomach ache, but not the bug. If adults complain about it being worst, how much more the kids under 6 years old?

    Dehydration is what I am afraid of, I have heard that it can cause brain damage and all. I do pray that my kids get better soon. I do believe that this illness is contagious. When one of my kids get it (usually, my 9 year old starts the sickness..) all of them get it.

    Have a great weekend to all..

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