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    I can still remember when I was young and my grandfather was at the hospital, I was there watching him so that my mom can go home and get some rest. During those times, early 80′s maybe, doctors had clipboards for each patient and after he checked each and every patient, he would hang those records on the foot of the bed for the nurses to write down the vital records of the patients. Now, 30 years later, when I was at the hospital for childbirth, doctors were using laptops and typing everything that they needed to document. Isn’t that a high tech of them or what. I assumed that hospitals got so highly modernized now that writing is no longer an option.

    Same thing as when it’s time to give the patients their drugs. Way back then, nurses who were responsible for patients’ medication, carry tray with little cups as containers for the medicine and each patient’s name were written in a piece of paper so that nurses would know what to give to who. Nowadays, medical computer carts are being used and wheeled to each room to ensure efficiency and safety of every patient. The only thing that the nurse had to do was to look at the screen to see which compartment belongs to each patient. RXCareAssurance carries those medical computer carts and sells to hospitals to promote accuracy for the hospital and safety for every patient. Isn’t that great?

    I just took my son to his doctor’s appointment today. A follow up from his UTI last October. He had 3 blood test, 3 urine test and finally, the diagnosis was, he has bladder infection. He was prescribed an anti biotic that I will pick up from Walmart Pharmacy tomorrow.

    Doctor said that bladder infection in men is rare, the bacteria is E.Coli which can get from feces through the rectum. Basically, my son doesn’t clean himself very good after using the bathroom. His blood is thick which can cause blood clot, so he was advised to drink plenty of water everyday (which I have to do as well.) He needs to at least drink 48 ounces of water daily to flush out all the infection that he has. We are normally required to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. I know that it’s hard for some people like me, but this is what we need to do to ensure healthy living.

    He will take his anti biotic and would be back to the doctor’s clinic in 2 weeks time. I hope he flushes those bacteria out. I am tired of going to the doctor for every little thing. I pay $20 every time I take him, I don’t know why they can’t just say what they need to say on the phone and have to go to the clinic in person. Just to talk to the physician, I had to pay $20 for a visit, hmmm…

    When my father passed away 7 years ago, I didn’t realize how it affected me, mentally, physically and emotionally. I sent them home to the Philippines when his doctor told me that he only had few months to live. He had colon cancer. That alone made me so weak, he was only 64 years old and just came to this country to live a more comfortable life. It was a hard decision to send him and my mom, and that moment at the airport was the saddest moment of my life, I knew that it was the last time I was going to see him alive. Exactly 1 month when I got a call from my sister saying that he had passed on. I wasn’t able to go home, we didn’t have money for the plane ticket, I didn’t have a job, we were staying at my in-laws in New York. I can remember some days when my tears would just roll down my cheeks, I was staring at nothing and would just cry. I never opened my emails for months, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I believe it was depression. I lost a lot of weight since I cannot find my appetite to eat. That time I thought I was going to lose it.

    My mother in law who was very supportive of me said that if I had to keep doing what I was doing I would end up losing my mind and might attend mental health retreats for women. I told her that I was just sad that I wasn’t able to see my dad during his last days, and I was having regrets of not coming home to see him get buried. What can I do, we can’t afford it. I also had my 2 sons to watch during those times. But, I was glad to know that Brookhaven Retreat helps women who, for the time being lose control of their minds due to some unscheduled events that happened to their lives. Losing someone you love, losing a job, living with your in-laws, far away from family, these were enough reasons to suffer mentally.

    Although I didn’t have to go to the retreat, with the anti depressant medicine that I took for few months, I was able to find myself laughing again..that was when I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, and did I tell you that I had a girl?

    It has never been easy living away from home. Especially for our elderly, who needed extra care at the age when professional care is the safest option for their health. The transition of leaving the home which they have been accustomed to takes a lot of convincing.The thought of living or transferring to a medical facility is somehow bothering and creates negative impact on our elderly loved ones. They would think that they were becoming more of a burden and the only option is getting rid of them. Some seniors proved to be unhappy living outside their homes. They tend to be more withdrawn from others, and worse, they feel neglected.

    Such is not the case at New Jersey senior care. The center provides an atmosphere where our seniors can move independently as if they were living in the comforts of their homes. The provision of professional health services to achieve the specific needs of every senior were the utmost priority in their program.They ensure that the elders receive the best possible care they need while at the same time achieving a family oriented space to go about the senior’s activities everyday. A key element to every senior’s living safety and comfortably. If you have an elderly who needs an extra care, call the Visiting Angels and schedule an appointment so they can show you around the facility.

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    I have read in an article that stomach bug is worst than pink eye or the flu. I haven’t had it (thanks God) but, my kids did. Well, I have one that got better, one is getting better and the other one just started. It’s chaotic. My 4- year old just gagged when we went to the Chinese Buffet yesterday, and from there, she didn’t have the appetite to eat. She can’t look at the food without gagging. I thought it’s alright since her gag reflex is always sensitive. Prior to this, my 9 year old missed school the other day because of throwing up. He got better the next day and resumed his eating habit. My little girl on the other hand started to throw up in the car right after we got out of the restaurant. She was throwing up half a day and complaining of belly ache. She didn’t eat anything all day yesterday, had some pedialyte but wasn’t able to hold it down, she had a temperature around 9pm, and after I gave her Tylenol, fever had subsided. Woke up the next morning, still weak but no vomiting which is great. Although she didn’t eat anything all day today, she was drinking water and no vomiting, so now I am not scared of dehydration.

    While my 4 year old is recuperating from her stomach virus, my 5 year old who was so happy when she came home from school, was fighting with her older brother, started to get sick and threw up as well. What the heck is going on in this house? I Lysol-ed everything that they touched, they didn’t eat any food that is expired, our home is habitable and so on and so forth. What is with the stomach bug that people hate to have. I know I can’t share a story since I haven’t had it before. I would have had diarrhea or stomach ache, but not the bug. If adults complain about it being worst, how much more the kids under 6 years old?

    Dehydration is what I am afraid of, I have heard that it can cause brain damage and all. I do pray that my kids get better soon. I do believe that this illness is contagious. When one of my kids get it (usually, my 9 year old starts the sickness..) all of them get it.

    Have a great weekend to all..

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