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I would like to thank you for coming to my site. It's a pleasure for me to have you as my guests. All these posts are about health and how do we keep ourselves healthy. If there's anything that you think might help to improve this site, I am open for any suggestions. Thanks again and Have a wonderful day!
December 2014
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    I came across this post on Facebook and I just want to share it with you all. I always see people biting their nails and I wonder why.


    Did you know that:
    The Habit of Nail Biting has Effects to your Body?
    Various studies have come out with the observation that nail biting could be the result of nervousness or boredom or stress or even hunger.
    It generally indicates some kind of mental or emotional upheaval. Clinically it is known as chronic onychophagia. A breakdown of its prevalence reveals that nail biting is the maximum in adolescents (over 40%) then in children from seven to ten years (over 30%). More than 25% of the teenagers are habituated to nail biting and more than 5% of the adults also show nail biting tendencies.

    The biggest problem with nail biting is the threat of infection. Germs that might be in your nails might get transferred to your mouth. It is similar to what happens in nail salons. When tools like files are used on different people it might lead to spread of nail fungi, viruses or staph bacteria. And when you bite your nails, you invite the germs into your body.

    Source: Gabay Sa Kalusugan-Health Page

    When I was young, one of the events I enjoyed the most was the town fiesta. I can still remember how I followed the musical band playing around town. That time, I didn’t know any other band aside from that.

    In college, some rock and alternative bands came out in the Philippines including Eraserheads and After Image. Though I couldn’t consider myself a fan, I would say I enjoy their music.

    Then,  my own brother joined a band and became a musician by profession. Though theirs wasn’t a big one, it had been regularly invited to play in town fiestas and all. I believe, however, that it has already been disbanded. Too bad, because if it weren’t, I would have recommended cheap godlyke effects at musicians friend. Well, maybe someday my brother would find another band to join.

    As I mentioned in my other posts, I’m the only one in the family who couldn’t play any musical instrument. In the first place, I wasn’t there when my father brought home an old guitar which my brother and sister used to practice. And in the second place, well, maybe I simply wasn’t interested.

    Thinking about that reminds me of my father. He died of the big C in 2004. I wonder if he would be interested with the classic martin retro series at guitar center if he were alive. Well, I guess he would have been.

    How happy I might have felt if I got the chance to get him one..


    “Sorry, there´s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthy and live healthy to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.”

    -Morgan Spurlock

    I’ve been a stay-at-home mom far longer than I expected I would be. Though I enjoy being at home and watching over my children and keeping house, sometimes, I get to feel a little guilty for not helping out my husband financially. I feel so bad about it sometimes, especially when he arrives from work dead tired. And sometimes, I couldn’t help worrying about his health. So, the least I could do it to check out on health insurance nc and find out what’s best for us. As long as I know we have the best health insurance, I would stop worrying and would just enjoy life as it comes.

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