Celebrity Endorsement Contracts Gone Bad

Movie stars and famous athletes are everywhere. Not only do we depend on them for entertainment, but we subconsciously depend on them to tell us what kind of gum to chew, what to eat and drink, what kind of razor to use, and even where to rent a car.

Many celebrities are able to fund their lavish lifestyle thanks, in large part, to paid endorsement contracts. All kinds of businesses recruit the help of famous names and faces to sell their product or service. However, many a celebrity has learned the hard way that their fame does not make the invincible. When they break a law, or even just do something a company deems unacceptable, celebrities are vulnerable to losing their spokesperson status and a portion of their income.

Here are several examples of where bad decisions or poor judgement cost celebrities their endorsement contracts.

Tiger Woods and Gatorade, AT&T, and Accenture

There are few people who don’t remember Tiger Woods’ recent problems. The golf super star’s affairs were made public earlier this year by media everywhere, and hard-core fans and even people who didn’t know a thing about golf, were shocked to find out Woods’ wholesome, role-model image

The Pitfalls of Advertising on MySpace

Many users of MySpace tout the potential for advertising to be one of the most useful features of this online community. However, there are quite a few pitfalls to advertising on MySpace. Most importantly those who advertise on MySpace run the risk of finding themselves in violation of MySpaces terms of service and facing the consequences of these infractions. In addition advertising on MySpace can appear very unprofessional to potential customers. Finally, those who advertise on MySpace may become guilty of spamming. This article will take a look at these three advertising pitfalls and provide advice for avoiding these potential problems.

Violating the Terms of Service on MySpace

One of the most serious potential problems with advertising on MySpace is violating the terms of service outlined by the administrators of MySpace. This is significant because members who are found to be in violation of these terms of service can have their websites deleted and may be banned from the community. The terms of service should be reviewed carefully to determine which types of activities, in relation to advertising, are permitted and which activities are prohibited. Special attention should be paid to the section of the terms of services which specifies member

How advertising exercises creativity

Advertising is a paid form of marketing communication that targets a particular buyer group to create awareness about the presence of the brand/service/ idea/ cause. Advertising is also a kind of investment to enhance revenue of the product or service (that is advertised). Brand owners spend heavily for television commercials, radio ads, print ads, outdoor ad displays etc in order to gain maximum favour of their target customers. Be it television advertising or radio advertising, the overall cost of the ad spend is afforded by the brand owner.

What makes any advertising campaign interesting is the creative input. Be it outdoor advertising or television advertising, creativity is an outstanding feature of any product ad. One needs to figure out the striking features of a brand and present it as an interesting brand message to target customers. A creative brand message leaves a positive impression on customers mind.

Ad campaigns for various brands are assigned to various creative advertising agencies. Advertisers play a significant role while launching the promotion campaign of a brand. They conceptualize the promotion idea, work it out and present the final brand message to target customers. Advertisers bridge the gap between brand owners and consumers. How the

Golf Advertising is Going Local

Its truegolf advertising and club marketing is going local, but perhaps not in the way you imagine. You may be thinking that your golf advertising and club marketing strategies have always been local, or maybe youve taken your club marketing campaign online, but arent getting the local hits youd like. Thats why your golf advertising strategies need a makeover, and that makeover should consist of local SEO club marketing.

You may be wondering what local SEO is and what it can do for your golf advertising campaign. Well, for starters, like all SEO, or search engine optimization strategies, the goal of local SEO is to drive more traffic to your golf course or private clubs web site, but with local SEO, you wont be getting just any kind of web traffic; youll be getting the kind of traffic that is most likely to turn into increased golfers and membership and for your course or club. That is, local SEO can enhance your club marketing campaign by attracting web visitors who live near your golf course and are therefore, much more likely to become a member of your course or club.

Local SEO will maximize your golf advertising efforts

The Best Products To Advertise With Google Adwords

Pay per click advertising has been a boon to web merchants around the world. PPC platforms like Google AdWords provide merchants of all sizes a simple and affordable way to promote their products to a global audience. Yet Google AdWords does not work in all cases. In fact, a lot of web merchants end up wasting time and money on Google AdWords campaigns that fail before they ever get off the ground. Why? Because Google AdWords is not always the right fit for your product.

Before moving forward with a Google AdWords campaign for the products you sell on your website, you need to first make sure that Google AdWords is right for your product. First and foremost, the best products to advertise with Google AdWords are products which are commonly searched on the Google search engine. Some products are better than others, but generally speaking, as long as people are actively searching Google for your specific product, its probably a good product to advertise with Google AdWords. Yet if people are not actively searching for your specific product, then you’re simply not going to get your ads placed in enough search results to generate sufficient traffic.

So, how do